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Copper BAR - $100 Banknote, 1 AVDP Oz, .999 Pure Copper

Copper BAR - $100 Banknote, 1 AVDP Oz, .999 Pure Copper
  • Copper BAR - $100 Banknote, 1 AVDP Oz, .999 Pure Copper thumbnail
  • Copper BAR - $100 Banknote, 1 AVDP Oz, .999 Pure Copper thumbnail
  • Copper BAR - $100 Banknote, 1 AVDP Oz, .999 Pure Copper thumbnail
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Get a FREE Goldback on $200+ Orders thru June 30th!! (VM and Monthly Excluded)

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1-oz Pure Copper Bar - Iconic $100 Banknote Replica

Most precious metals investors buy bullion as a hedge against the declining value of the dollar. And they recognize the possibility that the dollar can completely fail. If that happens, trusted precious metals may once again be called on to serve their historic capacity as money.

But what happens if silver prices move too high those coins and bars to be practical for very small transactions? More and more metals investors are turning to copper to fill that role. Copper served that purpose in the past (think pennies), and it can do so again in the future, if needed.

Not to mention that our 1-oz $100 Banknote bars are lovely to look at and make terrific, low cost gifts. Each bar is minted from .999 pure copper, and clearly marked with weight and purity. They are manufactured right here in the USA by Osborne Mint - the nation's oldest private mint.

About the Design

The obverse side of the bar is based on the $100 bank note. It has the portrait of a Benjamin Franklin. The denomination - "100" - is stamped in each corner. Below Franklin's portrait are the words "ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS" and replica serial numbers are displayed on either side. 

The reverse side features the famous image of Independence Hall surrounded by trees, as well as the denomination.

Important Features:

  • Each bar contains 1 ADVP (avoirdupois) oz of .999 fine copper. This is "standard" weight rather than the "troy" weight used in gold and silver bullion.
  • The Morgan design is among the most familiar (and popular) in American coinage.
  • All bars are brand new and gleaming, made by the nation's oldest private mint - Osborne Coinage.

Product Specifications

Purity: 99.9% copper - minimum
Weight: 1 standard (avoirdupois) ounce
Size: 1.85” x 1.08” x 0.11” thick

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Customer Reviews

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Fun little things.

By Adam N. on February 7th, 2023

I impulse purchased 20 of these with my last order. Beautiful little copper bars. Glad I was impulsive. Easy to store in their little plastic containers they come in. I assume for every 20 you get another plastic holder for them. Very sturdy little storage container. Trying to expand the types of metals I hold!

Copper BAR - $100 Banknote

By Lacey L. on October 12th, 2022

I love these! I keep a box with me and give them out everywhere I go to bless someone that the Lord tells me to bless. I believe we are called to be apart of the wealth transfer so in doing so we are educating everyone around us to think Higher for themselves. I have experienced many tearful moments while they feel loved in away that no one has ever showed them. I instruct them to hold one to it for its best value and that is is a Gift from God! Be kind and love those around you. With that comes an action of giving and not being part of this taking world. This is a game changer, the gift is both for the receiver and the giver. More importantly this Honor's God by being His hands and Feet. -Lacey

So fun to have!

By Julie T. on May 25th, 2022

We bought some and are giving them to friends as gifts. It’s unique and cool!

Super cool 1oz. copper bar!

By Andrew C. on March 30th, 2022

These are very inexpensive to own a large amount of pure copper bullion bars, these bars are very shiny and have an attractive design and honestly changed my mind about how I veiw copper as an investment metal, copper is very undervalued and being able to hold pure copper bars are a very cool way to inexpensively invest along with my silver stacks.

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