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Gold Bar, 20 Gram, .9999 Pure

Gold Bar, 20 Gram, .9999 Pure
  • Gold Bar, 20 Gram, .9999 Pure thumbnail
  • Gold Bar, 20 Gram, .9999 Pure thumbnail
  • Gold Bar, 20 Gram, .9999 Pure thumbnail
  • Gold Bar, 20 Gram, .9999 Pure thumbnail
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Get a FREE Goldback on $200+ Orders thru June 30th!! (VM and Monthly Excluded)

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20 Gram Gold Bars Make a Great Investment

Investors generally buy gold 20 gram bars as part of a diverse investment portfolio. We source our bars from the most respected mints in the world: including Australia's Perth Mint, Switzerland's Valcambi, Instanbul Gold Refinery and others. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality and most beautiful bars at the lowest possible price. Discover why 20 gram gold bars are reputable and highly trusted in the precious metals community.

How Gold Bars Are Made and Packaged

A gold bar can be referred to as a gold ingot or gold bullion bar. Our producers make gold bars from highly refined .9999 fine gold. Each is labeled with their weight and purity, and sealed in an assay holder which includes certification details.. Gold ingots are one form of gold bars. The molten metal is poured into molds known as ingots. Smaller bars can be made from stamping or minting rolled gold sheets.

Gold Bars for Trading and Investment

Large gold bars are held as gold reserves by central banks and wealthy investors. Here in the west bars are often denominated in troy ounces. However gram denominations are increasing in popularity. 

The 400-troy ounce bar is the standard unit which is commonly in major exchanges, such as the COMEX. These gold bars weigh 27.43 lbs. Bars this size are not recommended for investors who want to take personal possession.  Once out of the custody of exchange depositories, they gold must be melted and re-assayed when it is time to sell.

20 gram bars in assay packaging are trusted by dealers and investors worldwide and are easy to sell for full price.

The Biggest Gold Bar in the World

The largest gold bar in the world weighs a whopping 551 pounds. This incredible gold bar is located at the Toi Gold Museum. This huge gold bar was manufactured by Mitsubishi Material Corporation. It was first displayed at the museum in 2005. Clearly, the 20 gram gold bar is much more accessible to individual buyers!

Understanding the Weight of a 20 Gram Gold Bar

Compared to the large bars traded between banks and traders, the 20 gram gold bar is much lighter. It only weighs 0.705479 standard ounces, which equals 0.643015 troy ounce. The compact size makes a 20 gram gold bar easy to hold or give as a gift to employees, graduates, and others.

Purity Also Matters

Besides weight, the purity of the gold is another factor to consider when making an investment in precious metals. The minimum purity required by bullion exchanges is 99.5 percent gold. However, most of the 20 gram bars manufactured for investors are .9999 pure gold. Purity of .999 or higher is referred to as "fine" gold.

Assay Analysis

An analysis called an assay is conducted to measure the exact composition and purity in precious metals. Assay is done prior to fabricating refined gold into bars and coins to assure the finished product will meet standards for purity and weight. This is a crucial factor in ensuring liquidity and desirability.

The Price of a 20 Gram Gold Bar

The price of a 20 gram gold bar varies based on the current global spot market price of gold. American investors and buyers around the world are always watching the prices based on their local currency. Investors can open the daily paper to check the current spot prices. This information is also displayed on Television news sites like CNBC and online at websites such as MoneyMetals.com.

Pricing and Purity Are Determining Factors

The goal of any investor is to buy the most and/or purest gold for the lowest competitive price. In the short term, the price of precious metals willrise and fall in hard-to-predict cycles, so investing does carry some risk. However, savvy investors recognize purchasing precious metals is a reliable way to preserve wealth in the longer term. The value fiat currencies always decline over time, while gold's purchasing power tends hold steady or rise.

Smart buyers choose to work with a company such as Money Metals Exchange. We offer informational updates and a wide variety of precious metals products online. Purchases can be made at our secure website. You can even use a credit card. We ship all orders promptly and fully insured. The process is a simple way to add true diversification to your investment portfolio.

Are you interested in larger bar sizes? Consider buying 10 ounces of gold for your next investment purchase. If you're interested in also adding gold coins to your holding of physical metal, you can look at the options of gold coins we have here. You can choose the popular American Eagle gold coins, or check out other World Mint coins, such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Product Specifications

Mint Facility: Various
Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: .9999 pure gold
Metal Weight: 20 grams (.643 troy ounces)

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  • Accountability for Package Contents – Your order will be packed under video surveillance, weighed and double checked prior to shipping to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.
  • Professional Packaging – Your order will be packaged securely and professionally.
  • Certain Exclusions – Empty US Mint Silver Eagle boxes and Copper Pennies are not eligible for free shipping
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  • Signature Confirmation – Delivery carriers are instructed to request a signature upon delivery (on orders containing at least 4 ounces or more worth of silver, or any gold order).
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