5 Utah Goldback - Veritas, 1/200th Troy Oz 24K Gold-Backed Bill

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5 Utah Goldback - Beautifully Made Currency Containing 1/200th Oz .9999 Fine Gold

The Goldback is a voluntary, spendable, small denomination form of physical gold. Despite their incorporation of state names, please note that Goldbacks are not actually issued by any state. 

The premiums per ounce on Goldbacks are higher than more cost-efficient forms of gold, including even small gold coins, bars, and rounds.  For those primarily seeking exposure to gold, we do not recommend putting money into Goldbacks as an investment.

The makers use cutting-edge vacuum deposition technology to layer each bill with .9999 fine gold in exacting quantities. Goldback bills carry a precise amount of pure gold between layers of polyester which makes them resilient and durable.

The Utah Goldback Series is the first Goldback Series to ever be produced. It was drawn by Cheri Jensen, a local Utah artist, who does beautiful, intricate work, despite being blind in one eye.

It tells a somewhat chronological story of Utah throughout the series progression, highlighting specific pivotal moments in its history before the settlement of the Mormon Pioneers, through the settlement of the area, and some historic moments pertaining thereto. The progression culminates in an idyllic future representation of reaching a type of transcendence toward which we are encouraged to aspire through the application of the virtues featured in the series.

These are each shown on one of the Goldback denominations as a backdrop for the Lady Virtue being portrayed and symbolized thereon. Please enjoy the Utah Goldback Series.

The 5 Goldback bill features a beautiful image of Veritas, the Virtue Truth. She is depicted as a Utah pioneer, nodding to the great migration that brought the first settlers of Utah to Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

With windblown hair, she holds a lantern high with her right hand, casting light out at the viewer to represent the light of the truth that she bears, and that truth sheds light on the uncertainty that a person may have as they journey through life. She is accompanied by the footing: “Walk in Truth.”

In the pocket of her apron is a compass, representing making truth our moral compass, and you can see that it is pointing West, again, nodding to the western migration of the Utah settlers. In her left hand, she holds two books representing written truth. In this version, the books bear the titles “Judah” (for the Bible) and “Joseph” (for the Book of Mormon), referring to the role the two books of scripture had in providing direction as accepted truths for the Utah Pioneers. The faith that they had in God and his word in these books eventually drove them to seek religious freedom in Utah.

Veritas is standing near a pool and a waterfall feeds into it in the background. These represent how we need truth just as much as we need fresh water. A deer, representing a messenger of truth, stands at the base of a massive cottonwood tree and is drinking from the pool of truth. The Roman symbol of the fish as associated with truth is also depicted in the stream that is flowing from the pool.

An eagle flies in the dusky sky above her, watching over truth and nods to how the freedoms promised in the United States allow for truth to flourish. The North Star can be seen shining proudly in the cloudy sky, a symbol of how truth is always shining, even if obscured by proverbial clouds.

Finally, Veritas is depicted barefoot in this design, referencing how sometimes following truth leads us to walk hard roads, but the level of difficulty doesn’t change the reality of the truth that we follow and often makes our arrival at the destination that truth leads us to all the sweeter.

Goldbacks can be, and are, used for barter transactions with anyone who recognizes the value of gold.


Product Specifications
Weight: 1/200th Troy Oz
Purity: .9999 Gold Layered On a Bill
Size: 13.0cm x 6.5cm (5.12" x 2.56")
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  • Damani P.
    April 20th, 2024
    5 Utah gold back
    Beautiful foil note! im 50/50 on believing that these are worth the high premium especially sense they are only accepted in 5 states and in most cases the premium is higher than the value of the goldback as a currency but other than that its an amazing looking note great detail and i received them within the promised time frame.
  • John L.
    March 28th, 2023
    Beat the bank
    I have bought Goldbacks in different denominations from all four states available. I think they're beautiful and extremely conversation worthy. Also they're an affordable way for people like me on a fixed income to perhaps build a hedge against possible financial crises. MME provides one of the best precious metals price and service combinations I've found online. My hope is other states including Nebraska will soon follow the example set by Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and New Hampshire in accepting a gold standard currency
  • John D.
    January 25th, 2023
    Gorgeous Money
    Not only are these made of real gold, but the artwork is gorgeous. A throwback to when real money had well-crafted and attractive artwork on them. I am also getting the wallet to store these in.
  • Vladislav P.
    January 4th, 2023
    5 Stars
    It looks like something out of the ordinary. I really liked it!!!
  • Bob D.
    September 6th, 2022
    Beautifully crafted and quickly delivered
    I love these goldbacks. The Utah 5 Goldback is beautiful. The idea of making spendable gold in small amounts is brilliant. And the ability to buy gold a little at a time at a price you can afford is great. Buy some today!