Britannia - Sterling Silver Statue, 30 Troy Ozs, .925 Pure

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Britannia - Sterling Silver Statue, 30 Troy Ozs, .925 Pure

The Britannia Sterling Silver Statue is a remarkable tribute to the enduring symbol of the British Isles. This exquisite piece is the 5th release in the prestigious Coins of the World series from Rearden Metals.

Britannia has long been a personification of the British Isles, depicted as a powerful and majestic female goddess. Such countries that make up the British Isles include Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and more. This statue captures her essence in solid sterling silver, offering both historical significance and unparalleled craftsmanship.

This statue presents Britannia in all her glory, standing tall in a flowing robe with a shield, trident, and Roman Galea. It not only honors the goddess but also captures the essence of Britain's storied past.

Statue Highlights:

  • Series: Coins of the World Collection, 5th release by Rearden Metals.

  • Historical Significance: Represents Britannia, the personification of the British Isles, associated with Roman and British history.

  • Material: Crafted from solid Sterling Silver with a purity of .925.

  • Weight: Weighs 1008 grams, equivalent to 30+ Troy ounces of pure silver.

  • Dimensions: Stands at 6.8 inches in height and 5.5 inches in width.

  • Limited Edition: Only 1,000 casts, making it a highly collectible item.

  • Features: Includes a laser-etched serial number, purity markings, and a removable trident.

  • Certificate of Authenticity: Each statue comes with a certificate verifying its authenticity (COA) and detailing its historical context.

The Britannia Sterling Silver Statue is more than just a collectible; it is a piece of history rendered in precious metal, celebrating the enduring legacy of one of the most iconic symbols of Britain.

This statue is a must-have for collectors and history enthusiasts alike, encapsulating both beauty and historical depth in a timeless piece.

Brief History of Britannia

Britannia's roots trace back to the Romano-Celtic era, where she was often linked with the Roman goddess Minerva (Greek: Athena), the goddess of war and victory. The Romans used strong female figures like Britannia to symbolize their conquests, and when Claudius Caesar conquered Britain in 43 AD, he named the new province after this formidable goddess. Early depictions showed Britannia in agony under Claudius' heel, but she later evolved into a symbol of strength and resilience.

Britannia first appeared on Roman coins under Emperor Hadrian around 119 AD, following his successful invasion of Britain. Initially depicted as a 'forlorn goddess' in a windswept robe, seated on rocks with a spear and shield, her image gradually transformed into one of might and readiness for war.

Although this imagery fell out of use by the 5th century, King Charles II revived Britannia in 1672, embedding her into British currency where she remained until 2008, and later reappeared in 2015 for the £2 coin. Modern depictions celebrate her as a warrior and seafaring goddess, symbolizing Britain’s naval supremacy.

Britannia Design

Britannia is the personification of the British Isles, depicted as a majestic and powerful female goddess. Her representation has evolved over centuries, reflecting both her mythological origins and her role in British history. Britannia is often portrayed as a warrior goddess, embodying strength, resilience, and sovereignty. In the Britannia Sterling Silver Statue, she stands tall and proud, exuding a sense of grace and authority.

The Britannia Sterling Silver Statue is depicted wearing a flowing robe, symbolizing both grace and strength. She is also equipped with a Roman Galea, a type of helmet, which underscores her warrior status.

Additionally, she carries a shield and a trident, further emphasizing her role as a guardian and a symbol of naval power. This attire collectively represents her as a majestic and powerful figure, embodying both her mythological and historical significance.

Here are the key elements of her depiction:

  • Flowing Robe: Britannia wears a flowing robe that drapes elegantly around her, symbolizing both her grace and the continuity of British tradition.

  • Roman Galea: She is equipped with a Roman Galea, a helmet that signifies her warrior status and historical connection to Roman Britain.

  • Shield: Britannia holds a shield, representing her role as a protector of the nation and its values.

  • Trident: She carries a trident, symbolizing Britain's naval power and maritime heritage.

  • Stature: Her stance is confident and commanding, reflecting her role as a symbol of national strength and resilience.

Historical and Mythological Significance

  • Romano-Celtic Goddess: Britannia has roots in Romano-Celtic mythology and is often associated with Minerva (Athena in Greek mythology), the goddess of war and wisdom.

  • Symbol of Conquest: When Claudius Caesar conquered Britain in 43 AD, he named the new province after Britannia, using her image to signify Roman conquest.

  • Roman Coins: She first appeared on Roman coins under Emperor Hadrian around 119 AD, initially depicted as a forlorn goddess but later as a mighty warrior.

  • British Currency: Reintroduced by King Charles II in 1672, Britannia became a fixture on British currency, symbolizing Britain's strength and naval dominance. She appeared on coins until 2008 and was reintroduced in 2015 for the £2 coin.


Britannia is more than just a figure, she is a symbol of Britain's enduring spirit, naval supremacy, and rich history. Her image reflects the nation's resilience and its proud maritime traditions, making her a timeless emblem of British identity. The Britannia Sterling Silver Statue encapsulates these elements, offering a powerful and elegant tribute to this iconic figure.

Collect a Britannia Sterling Silver Statue today!

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Product Specifications
Mint Facility: Rearden Metals
Purity: .925 Pure Silver
Metal Weight: 30 troy oz
Dimensions: H 6.8" x W 5.5"

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