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Tradable Rare Diamonds for Investment

A Beautiful Investment That’s 5,000 Times More Precious Than Gold!

VULT Certified Diamonds from Money Metals Exchange

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Money Metals Exchange announces a breakthrough in precious commodities investing … tradable graded diamonds – ounce for ounce, up to 5,000 times more precious than gold!

Money Metals is your trusted source for private and portable wealth.  We now proudly offer investment grade VULT diamonds. The stones are selected and packaged using an innovative process that, for the first time, makes diamonds liquid, portable and fully fungible - like gold and silver bullion.

VULT diamonds are investment grade. That means larger stones with the highest grades, each 100% certified and laser engraved by the Gemological Institute of America. 

The patented VULT system was conceived in the United States by American entrepreneurs using globally sourced natural diamonds. It's all about making diamonds trusted, easy to value and inexpensive to trade. Investors can buy brilliant VULT diamonds with confidence.

Rare diamonds are now a great way to diversify your portfolio of tangible assets. Graded, registered VULT diamonds are available in five denominations with initial offer prices ranging from $10,000 up to $250,000.

Barely larger than a credit card and about as thick as your watch, each tamper-proof VULT contains a sealed capsule holding certified diamonds for investors seeking larger scale wealth protection in a format so concentrated and portable you can put in your pocket.

Ounce for ounce, all VULT diamonds are at least 600 times more precious than gold, ranging to as high as 5,000 times the value of the yellow metal – a potent store of value in a small package.

Imagine the Value of As Much As 200 Oz. of .9999 Gold in a Tradable Package that Fits in Your Shirt Pocket!

GIA-graded VULT diamonds are being introduced in denominations with initial offer prices to fit any portfolio: White ($10,000); Pearl ($25,000); Blue ($50,000); Black ($100,000); and Gold ($250,000).

Money Metals has investigated VULT and the American entrepreneurs behind it. We examined their products, systems, controls, and values. Our conclusion; the VULT system is a genuine innovation which promises to change the diamond market forever. It is backed by serious professionals who can deliver on that promise

We expect VULT diamonds to soon begin trading on public exchanges. That is a game-changer. Suddenly everyone - from individuals to large institutional investors - will gain access to revered diamonds as a truly investable asset class.

Investment Grade VULT Diamonds Will Trade Alongside Precious Metals on Public Exchanges

After the initial offering period, VULT units will trade on the open market based on world diamond prices, just as precious metals spot prices move with global supply and demand. And the bid-ask spread should be 3% or less!

That is why we are so pleased to recommend VULT diamonds to our customers. We're excited about the potential for new demand to drive appreciation in value. And we think VULT diamonds are a great way to diversify your bullion holding.

We guarantee investors will consider VULT diamonds to be a beautiful addition to their holding of tangible assets. For 30 days after your purchase, Money Metals Exchange will buy your VULT diamonds back at 100% of the original purchase price if you decide they aren't for you. We can only make this unprecedented guarantee during the initial offer period, so act fast. But, frankly, we don't expect to buy many back.

We’ve earned your trust by bringing you great products, great value, and great service. VULT is an extension of the savvy approach to investing in rare tangible assets you’ve come to expect from Money Metals Exchange.

Through the centuries people have found brilliant diamonds alluring and exceptionally precious due to their beauty, rarity, and virtual indestructibility. Yet loose diamonds are impossible to accurately set a value on without a trustworthy, certified gemologist. The lack of liquidity when reselling diamonds has been a real impediment to demand.

VULT removes these and other obstacles to diamond investing. The VULT system for securely packaging certified diamonds in fungible, verifiable units is central to the global financialization of diamonds as a liquid investment asset.

VULT in Hand

Uniquely numbered, laser-engraved GIA-certified diamonds are sealed in tamper evident capsules, then sealed again in a gleaming individual VULT case. VULTs contain only the highest quality diamonds graded colorless, with excellent cut and the highest range of clarities -- the ultra-rare range of stones that historically perform best as an investment.

While each diamond is unique, the total value of the diamonds per unit within a given denomination is essentially identical. Units are therefore interchangeable within each VULT model, resulting in liquidity that was previously unattainable.

Each sealed case is also engraved with its own unique registered serial number for instant authentication wherever smartphone and internet service is available. Each case bears a pattern of uniquely arranged red dots and other proprietary security features which identify that specific VULT unit and provide assurance it has not been tampered with. It's all instantly verifiable by using your smartphone's camera.

VULT is a trailblazer in the precious commodities world. Its unique, patented hardware and software allow GIA-certified diamonds to be instantly authenticated and securely traded from anywhere in the world. This process makes diamonds a true investment asset class for the very first time.

Diamonds are already a scarce, treasured, and timeless hard asset that benefit from the ongoing devaluation of fiat currency. The VULT financialization of diamonds and the new demand it will likely bring adds to the bullish fundamentals of the global diamond market.

What to Know About VULT Before Investing

  • Each VULT unit contains highest quality Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded and certified diamonds. Diamonds are D-F (colorless), with clarity grades of IF to VS1 and cuts of Excellent.
  • The VULT case is made of sintered zirconia, with a single crystal sapphire cover. The diamonds are selected and securely packaged in the USA.
  • Each VULT is no bigger than the palm of your hand and fits comfortably in a suit pocket. VULTs can be personally held or stored in secure facilities around the globe.
  • Extraordinary attention has been focused on VULT security. Each diamond is laser-engraved with a unique GIA certification number. Each VULT unit has a unique engraved serial number.
  • The patented multi-factor authentication process includes an optical signature and encrypted fingerprints. It has been specifically designed to prevent the diamonds in VULT from being altered or substituted. All security has been rigorously tested and independently verified by some of the security industry’s leading experts.
  • Investors can easily buy, sell, or trade their VULTs through MoneyMetals.com or by calling 1-800-800-1865.

A single Gold VULT holds the same approximate value as 20 10-oz .9999 gold bars. One White VULT stores a comparable value to five full 100-oz. boxes of 1-oz silver rounds.

Special Interview w/ Bill Boyajain, Former President of Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

  • With embedded technology that permits easy authentication, VULT delivers a fully warrantied, understandable, portable, and secure diamond asset that can be used by counterparties independently. That means VULTs can be bought, sold, and traded much in the same manner as a gold or silver coin.
  • All VULTs contain polished investment-grade diamonds that are sourced from a pool of trusted diamond producers. Without exception, these select suppliers have the necessary documentation to ensure that the original rough diamonds from which the diamonds were cut and polished were purchased through responsible and legitimate channels.
  • VULT is available in a variety of denominations ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 (current market prices) and built with higher diamond standards than any other financialized asset. It is a truly unique product that combines the best qualities of alternative assets with transparency, liquidity, and simplicity.

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