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Diamond Bullion Graded Investment Diamonds - Silver Model

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Diamond Bullion Graded Investment Diamonds - Silver Model
  • Diamond Bullion Graded Investment Diamonds - Silver Model thumbnail
  • Diamond Bullion Graded Investment Diamonds - Silver Model thumbnail
  • Diamond Bullion Graded Investment Diamonds - Silver Model thumbnail
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Diamond Bullion Investment-Quality Diamonds - Silver Model

The Ultimate in Concentrated, Portable Wealth Now in a Liquid and Tradable Form.

Diamond Bullion’s revolutionary technology turns diamonds into a modern asset class: liquid, portable and fully fungible. For the first time in history, individuals have access to a secure and efficient global 24/7 diamond market.

The patented hardware and software allow GIA-graded diamonds to be instantly authenticated and securely traded from anywhere in the world. Diamond Bullion stones are investment grade. That means the stones are larger in size, are among the highest quality of cut and clarity and, at long last, they will be easy to trade with low transaction costs.

The Silver Diamond Bullion model offers enormous value – comparable to about 80 ounces of gold or about 6,000 ounces of silver at recent prices.

Diamond Bullion diamonds trade on the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange, providing live price discovery much like the futures markets do for precious metals.

The innovative Diamond Bullion system provides for 4 denominations. Each denomination has its own 100% tamper proof and color coded case. Within each Silver Diamond Bullion are 8 GIA graded stones. Each diamond is unique, but the selection process for diamonds to include in each case ensures the value of one Silver Diamond Bullion matches another. 

That means, for the first time in history, diamonds are a fungible and liquid investment - easy for investors to value and trade.

Initial Values of Each Diamond Bullion Denomination (Model)

Each Diamond Bullion unit is the size of credit card and about as thick as your watch. The Silver Diamond Bullion fits inconspicuously in your shirt pocket, yet carries the equivalent value of about four Mint tubes of one-ounce gold coins, or about 400 pounds of silver.

We guarantee investors will consider Diamond Bullion diamonds to be a beautiful addition to their holding of tangible assets. For 30 days after your purchase, Money Metals Exchange will buy your Diamond Bullion diamonds back at 100% of the original purchase price if you decide they aren't for you. We can only make this unprecedented guarantee during the initial offer period, so act fast.

Diamonds have long been a timeless store of wealth. Secure a portion of your assets in GIA-certified diamonds by purchasing Diamond Bullion diamonds from Money Metals Exchange. To purchase a Silver Diamond Bullion please call one of our Money Metals experts.

About Diamond Bullion

Each Diamond Bullion unit contains highest quality Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded and certified diamonds. Diamonds are D-F in color, with clarity grades of IF to VS1 and Excellent cut.

The innovative Diamond Bullion case is made of sintered zirconia, with a single crystal sapphire cover.

Each Diamond Bullion is no bigger than the palm of your hand and fits comfortably in a suit pocket. Diamond Bullions can be personally held or stored in secure facilities around the globe.

Extraordinary attention has been focused on Diamond Bullion security. Each diamond is laser-engraved with a unique GIA certification number. Each Diamond Bullion unit has a unique engraved serial number.

The patented multi-factor authentication process includes an optical signature and encrypted fingerprint. It has been specifically designed to prevent the diamonds in Diamond Bullion from being altered or substituted. All security has been rigorously tested and independently verified by some of the security industry’s leading experts. Every Diamond Bullion can be instantly and easily verified using the Diamond Bullion app for smartphones.

Diamond Bullion’s breakthrough technology creates a centralized 24/7 digital exchange. Private investors can easily buy, sell, or trade their Diamond Bullions any time, day or night, anywhere in the world through

Product Specifications

Case: Silver; Tamper proof zirconium with crystal sapphire glass
Number of Diamonds: 9
Total Carat Weight Range (All Diamonds): 9.3 cts
Diamond Color Range: D - F
Clarity Range: VVS1, VVS2 and VS1
Cut/Polish/Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Diamond Bullion Diamond Selection Process: Each Diamond Bullion is guaranteed to have diamonds as per our specification. Using a custom algorithm and IBM CPLEX optimizer, Diamond Bullion mathematically solves the multivariate problem for creating diamond collections of equal value. Sixteen variables, including individual and average diamond price, color, clarity and carat weight, are simultaneously solved to be within one-half percent of every other Diamond Bullion of the same model. The solution is impossible to compute manually and yields Diamond Bullions of a precise value.

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