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Morgan Silver Round - 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure

Morgan Silver Round - 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure
  • Morgan Silver Round - 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure thumbnail
  • Morgan Silver Round - 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure thumbnail
  • Morgan Silver Round - 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure thumbnail
  • Morgan Silver Round - 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure thumbnail
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Buy 1 Oz Morgan Silver Rounds from Money Metals Exchange

George T Morgan served as assistant engraver at the US mint. The silver dollar produced from 1878 - 1921 is referred to as the "Morgan dollar", because it was his iconic design. Today that design is the inspiration behind a series of pure silver rounds and bars. Investors can get investment grade silver with a well recognized design.

Better yet, 1 Oz Morgan silver rounds are affordable and abundantly available and offer low premiums. Investors can get an iconic and poplular design, with paying a hefty price.

Morgan Coins vs. Rounds

Coins and rounds can look similar enough that people sometimes mistake one for the other. However, there are some major differences. The most obvious difference between the official Morgan coin and the rounds is the size and the engraved text. The rounds are larger in size, because they are 1 troy oz in weight. Silver dollars weigh roughly 20% less, because they were not made with a full troy ounce of silver content. Rounds are marked with weight and purity, while the Morgan silver dollars are not.

Coins are exclusively made by a government mint. In the United States, only the US Mint is permitted to strike coins. Coins can have a face value, meaning they are legal tender. They often feature the mark of the production US Mint. And they almost always carry the date of issue.

Rounds are struck at a private mints. The may have the similar obverse and reverse design as a coin, but they will not have a face value. Rounds are not legal tender backed by the United States government. 

In general, coins tend to have a higher premium than rounds. They are also far more popular with collectors while rounds appeal more to investors looking to get as much precious metal for their flat currency as possible. 


William Barber, Chief Engraver at the US Mint in 1876, went searching for an assistant engraver to help in his efforts to redesign the US coinage. George Morgan, whe was 30 at the time, came highly recommended and began work on a six-month trial basis.

Morgan made the bold decision to move away from Greek style figures and use an American woman to symbolize liberty on the coins obverse. A friend recommended Anna Willess Williams from Philadelphia as the model. Morgan had 5 sittings with Williams before his design was complete. He declared her proile to be the most perfect he had seen.

1 Oz Morgan Silver Round Design

Today’s current production Morgan silver rounds are an homage to the classic design of the classic one dollar silver coin. Though struck in numerous private mints, the exact design tends to be somewhate standardized with only minor variations among coins of different manufacturers.

The most common size is the one troy ounce silver round with 99.9% purity. 

On the obverse of Morgan rounds is the iconic profile of Anna Williams representing Liberty. 

The reverse features a bald eagle with spread wings, clutching a bundle of arrows in one set of talons and an olive branch in the other.  The inscriptions "Silver Bullion Round" and "One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver"


The one troy ounce rounds weigh 31.1035 grams. The rounds measure 39 millimeters in diameter and 2.8 millimeters in thickness. The edges of the round are usually reeded, as opposed to the plain original. All manufacturers make the Morgan silver rounds with 99.9% purity and reeded edges.

Who Makes Them

Various private mints across the United States make Morgan silver rounds. The one ounce round as it is the most requested and sought-after variety.

1 Oz Morgan Silver Round Value

Silver rounds are designed to be sold at a price which is not much higher than the spot price of silver. They are not collectibles, like some silver coins. Rather, they are made in mass quantities and bought and sold as more of a commodity. They attract investors who wish to park their money in precious metals and then be able to liquidate quickly and easily at the market price.

Accordingly, Morgan silver rounds have rather uniform prices across the board regardless of the mint that produces them.

Should I Invest in 1 Oz Morgan Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds are far more affordable than silver coins. They are a good starting point for beginner investors. Use them to diversify your portfolio, preserve your wealth, or profit when silver prices go up.

On the other hand, rounds don’t hold much numismatic value. If you’re looking to build a private collection, coins are the way to go.


Morgan silver rounds are affordable and in plentiful supply. They also have low premiums so are perfect for precious metal investors. 

Finally, investing in precious metals is a sound decision. Flat currencies are subject to inflation and the stability and credibility of the governments behind them, which is why people have used precious metals to preserve their wealth for centuries.  

Product Specifications

Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: 99.9% silver
Metal Weight: 1 troy ounce (31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.535 inches (39 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: Liberty Head Profile
Reverse: Eagle with Spread Wings

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By KEITH Q. on September 5th, 2021

I purchase all different types of silver. I have a bunch of Buffalo rounds but for some reason I just love this round. I love the service I receive. I did once have a system clutch (not my fault) and they corrected it so fast they refunded too much money. I sent currency back and love, love, love using Money Metals for all my pm.

Morgan rounds on the way

By Bruce C. on August 30th, 2021

I have 80 Morgan dollars in my stash, and ordered 100 Morgan rounds. They have been shipped. I should have them in the next 3 days, and I am very much looking forward to the delivery. MMX has been very good to me. I have changed my monthly buy program so many times I thought they would be getting a little pissed. This is not the case. I have to learn to stay off this website when I've had a few cocktails. it is so easy to spend 2-3 thousand when you are feeling it.

Beautiful silver round

By Heather C. on August 25th, 2021

I'm happy with all the different silver rounds and coins I've bought from money metals. I have a variety of different kinds.

Absolutely satisfied, Great detail as always!

By Russell S. on August 16th, 2021

Great detail and workmanship as expected. Great company to deal with!

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