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November 13th, 2014 Comments

If you haven’t caught David Smith’s monthly column for Money Metals Exchange, you’re missing out on some truly great – and free – commentary that every person who owns precious metals really must read.

David Smith shares his insight on precious metals
Money Metals columnist,
David Smith

But today I’m giving you another chance.

David Smith’s credentials as a writer and analyst are impeccable. Before joining our Money Metals editorial team, he’d already spent 15 years investigating precious metals mines and exploration sites all over Argentina, Chile, Mexico, China, Canada, and the U.S. and frequently shares his findings and investment wisdom with readers, radio listeners, and audiences at North American investment conferences.

I’ve been an admirer of David’s work for years and have benefited greatly from his knowledge and insights. The thing that has always struck me about David is his wise and calm approach to investing. He’s a philosopher and a teacher.

So please enjoy David’s most recent commentaries, penned specifically for Money Metals customers:

You can also catch David Smith on the occasional Money Metals podcast, including last week’s!

Yours Sincerely,
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Stefan Gleason, President
Money Metals Exchange

P.S. I hope you enjoy the informative news and commentary from experts like David Smith that we bring to you each week as a free service!

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The biggest money is yet to be made in precious metals …

Ever since I started Money Metals in 2010, I've dedicated myself to educating investors like you about the importance of owning precious metals. David Morgan shares my passion for precious metals, sound money, and educated customers.

Members of The Morgan Report have made great profits in resource stocks, ETFs, and options. But please don't delay. The sooner you prepare your portfolio, the more potential you have to grow your wealth as the precious metals resume their historic climb.

Yours in more profitable investing,
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Stefan Gleason, President
Money Metals Exchange

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