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Republican Congressional Leadership to Betray Their Base Once Again

It looks like President Trump will have to go to war with Republican leaders in congress if he wants to deliver on his campaign promises. They seemingly have no intention of delivering on theirs. Establishment senators and congressmen are getting ready to fold on issues ranging from the repeal of Obamacare to tax cuts.

Last week, some Republicans abandoned the word “repeal” when discussing the Affordable Care Act and started using the word “repair.” Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee said, “I think it is more accurate to say repair ObamaCare because, for example, in the reconciliation procedure that we have in the Senate, we can't repeal all of ObamaCare...” Alexander hopes to avoid a fight with Democrats who threaten to filibuster any effort to repeal.

Trump is also getting some opposition from Republican leadership when it comes to tax cuts. Senator Mitch McConnell and others would like to see to it that any tax rate reductions not deprive the government of revenues. He told a Bloomberg reporter, “My preference on tax reform is that it be revenue neutral.” House majority leader Paul Ryan declared that tax reform will have to wait at least until spring.

The takeaway for anyone hoping the federal government may confiscate less of what they earn is that Congressional leaders intend to debate and delay on any tax reductions.

It certainly won’t be the first time Republicans have thrown its voters under the bus, but it is the first time they will have to contend with Trump. He may well crucify them for any betrayal. We’ll see.

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