Cases of fine American wine await three GATA supporters -- maybe you?

Chris Powell Chris Powell

Chris Powell

December 9th, 2019 Comments

Can the chance of winning a great prize induce you to support a great cause?

Two thoughtful friends of GATA -- one a leading bullion U.S. dealer, the other a well-regarded U.S. winery -- have joined forces to bring our supporters a juicy year-end offer:

-- The cause: Donate to GATA in any amount to support our mission and GATA supporter Stefan Gleason of Money Metals Exchange will match your gift up to a maximum total match of $5,000.

-- The prize: You'll be entered into a drawing for a free case of wine -- three winners winning a case each -- courtesy of our friend Fay Durrant at Fay J Winery in Texarkana, Texas.


Each bottle is privately labeled just for GATA a personal touch that is sure to raise an eyebrow when you toast with friends and family. (Just whisper something about your connections in the wine business and keep 'em guessing.)

These generous offers from Money Metals Exchange and Fay J Winery expire on December 31, so please act now.

And remember the ultimate benefit of supporting GATA -- exposing the government-instigated manipulation of gold prices that reduces the value of your holdings, your mining company shares, and other commodity investments.

A great joy of participating in GATA is the outstanding friends you can make here. We are delighted to have such friends -- like Stefan Gleason, Fay Durrant ... and you.

But these great offers from Money Metals Exchange and Fay J Winery don't mean a thing until you say yes.

As a small non-profit organization with a big mission, we rely on your support as we work to get the gold market and all markets out from under the government's boot and to expose and embarrass the central bankers for their market rigging.

Are you with us?

Nothing would delight us more than to tell you when the Fay J Winery draws the winning names in the first week of January that a case of wine is on its way to you.

GATA will need gifts of $1,000, $500, $100, $50, and even $10 by the end of the month if we are to secure the maximum $5,000 match from Stefan Gleason and Money Metals Exchange. We don't want to leave money on the table.

So please just pick an amount that works for you.

Every gift of $10 received by December 31 entitles you to one chance to win one of the three cases of GATA private-label wine from the Fay J Winery. A $50 donation will earn five chances, a $100 donation 10 chances, a thousand-dollar donation a hundred chances, and so forth.

The winery can ship only within the continental United States, but if a drawing winner lives beyond the border, he will be welcome to collect his case in person in Texarkana, to have it shipped to a friend in the United States, or sell it to GATA, whose board members will find good use for it at their annual meeting next month.

All this will be a lot of effort on Fay's part, on top of his contribution to the wine, so GATA is very grateful to him. Indeed, if we can make this fundraising drawing work, we hope to market GATA private-label wine through the Fay J Winery on a continuing basis.

A bottle of GATA wine on your dinner table, when you're entertaining guests or a bottle given to friends, would be great ways of showing your support for the cause.

So please consider donating to GATA today.

Your contribution will be doubled by Stefan Gleason and Money Metals Exchange, you'll sustain our struggle, and you might win a case of great wine.

With luck, before too long you may be able to pop open a bottle to celebrate the defeat of the market riggers.

In summary:

-- Donate $10 or more by credit card over the internet here --

-- and send a confirming e-mail to your secretary/treasurer at [email protected] with your name and postal address so we can contact you if you win.

-- Or send a check by U.S. mail, along with your e-mail address or telephone number, to:

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
c/o Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer
7 Villa Louisa Road,
Manchester, Connecticut 06043-7541

However you donate, you'll be entered to win a case of GATA private-label wine from Fay J Winery.

Thanks in advance for your support for our year-end matching gift campaign. Your support is what keeps us going against nearly all the money and power in the world.

Chris Powell

About the Author:

Chris Powell is a political columnist and former managing editor at the Journal Inquirer, a daily newspaper in Manchester, Connecticut, USA, where he has worked since graduating from high school in 1967. His column is published in newspapers throughout Connecticut. He is also secretary/treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc., (GATA) which he co-founded in 1999 to expose and oppose the rigging of the gold market by Western central banks and their investment bank agents.