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David Smith

March 19th, 2020 Comments

It's ironic that the Covid-19 outbreak came to the fore at the same time that precious metals – gold and silver – were building out lengthy technical bottoms formed in 2016 and 2019, implying much higher prices to come.

For gold, a new all-time nominal high attempt at $2,000 could take place this year. For silver, spear thrusts at $26-$30 are within the realm of possibility.

Given current market action trading down to $12, this may seem hard to believe. But silver can surprise on the upside just as easily.

Gold and silver – for those who have prepared by "stacking" it – and in the relatively short time remaining for those making that choice now, are poised once again to effectively carry out their historic insurance roles.

What's fascinating to me – after more than two decades of personal experience – is the parallel role silver plays as a vital health tool.

I cannot give medical advice per se, but you can certainly "look over my shoulder."

Consider the evidence here, do some additional research, and maybe take a "test drive." I use exactly this same process myself!

For several decades, I've used a brand of colloidal silver spray for health maintenance. This came in handy three times during the many mining tours I've taken to research and write reports for The Morgan Report – once each in Mexico, Argentina, and in Guandong, China. A spray into each eye (contacts in), quickly turned a dangerous if-untreated eye infection into, as my South American friends would say, "no hay problema.”

Just before visiting a high-altitude silver mine in Bolivia, a dropper-full of colloidal silver took a severe ear infection down for the count in a few minutes. Years of struggle with sinusitis, frequent colds and flu have become non-events. At the first sign of a problem – I spray nostrils, throat and eyes.

What about "blue skin"? This fear goes back many years to when people tried to make their own ionic silver without controls on sanitation, or the ability to measure the silver content.

"Colloidal silver generator" devices are still for sale on the Internet, but it's a good idea to avoid this temptation. "Blue skin" is not a risk from taking modern structured silver (or silver hydrosol).

Even so, I've underappreciated the virtues of structured silver water. But now, the impressive "math" and methodology can play a role in the creation of a personalized "anti-Covid-19 plan."

You can see several videos of David Morgan interviewing the product's inventor here and here. I receive exactly zero compensation from anyone trying it and pay full retail for my own supply. If someone reading this is helped, such "payment" is more than enough.

In their book, "The Most Precious Metal" Dr. Gordon Pederson and Dr. Bryan Frank say:

Silver is nature's finest germ killer. Simply by being silver, this most precious metal's elemental properties are toxic to pathogenic microorganisms while simultaneously being non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria. Thanks to recent technological development, the newest forms of silver kill germs even more effectively than synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. [And] They do this without side effects.

But don't take my word for it. Like the closing tag on some of my reports says: "Do the research. Do the math. The decision must be yours!"

Silver (and gold) for your Wealth. Jim Rickards, one of the most widely read and interviewed analysts (several times by Money Metals), has this to say:

For the first time since 2008, it looks like central banks are losing control of the global financial system. Gold does not have a central bank. Gold always inspires confidence because it is scarce, tested by time and has no credit risk.

We're in the early stages of a similar super-spike that could take gold to $10,000 per ounce or higher. When that happens there will be one important difference between the new super-spike and what happened in 1980.

Rickards notes that in 1980, you could buy gold at several price points along the way, staying on for most of the ride. He concludes that this time it will be different:

Gold will be in such short supply that only the central banks, giant hedge funds and billionaires will be able to get their hands on any. The mint and your local dealer will be sold out. That physical scarcity will make the price super-spike even more extreme than in 1980.

Why did I just spend so much time talking about gold, when our primary topic is silver?

Because gold's strong rise will occur first. This is demonstrated by the silver-gold ratio continuing to hold above 90, meaning it still takes 90 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. At this writing it's even risen to an all-time high – so far – spiking to over 120:1! But when silver begins to close that gap, the move will catch most everyone by surprise. The run will be disbelieved as it explosively surges upward.

Silver sales are turning on the proverbial dime!

Don't be a fish out of water. Don't take too long to decide, because things are changing as we speak.

At a small stream near where I live, salmon congregate near the mouth during low water, waiting for fall rains to raise the level so they can move upstream and spawn, completing their life cycle. It's interesting just how short is the window of opportunity for them to "get it right" is very short.

Often, it's only a couple of days before the rising water level drops back. The fish who time it right get to create the next generation.

The stragglers who are even slightly late can be left – quite literally – high and dry on a sandbar.

If your timing is a bit off in getting the physical gold and silver necessaryto carry you forward financially, odds are you're going to find yourself "beached," as supplies dwindle, premiums rise, and life, along with the great profit potential that goes along with it, passes you by.

David Smith

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