We Have a Vault Full of Gold and Silver, and We’ve Just Made Premiums Super Cheap.

March 24th, 2020 Comments

Money Metals has gold and silver! While other dealers are sold out, we now have both metals at very low premiums (silver for $1 or less over the spot, for example).

Here’s what’s happening...

  • Recent days’ intense market demand has quickly soaked up virtually all available worldwide supplies of hold-in-your-hand silver – rounds, coins, and bars.
  • Gold coins, rounds, and bars have become scarce, too, especially when it comes to Money Metals' less prepared or under-capitalized competitors.
  • These shortages mean that while spot prices are sharply lower on both metals, most precious metals dealers are asking for significantly higher premiums on all products because their cost of sourcing has also risen.

Many precious metals investors have also been forced to endure delays and disappointment, as the most popular products are on backorder, have shipping delays, or are simply sold out.

But that is NOT what we want for our Money Metals customers. First, we're proud to say we have an ample supply of the most popular gold and silver coins – and at lower premiums than the others!

And today we are pleased to announce a brand new solution – actual physical gold (.9999 pure) and actual physical silver (.999 pure) in the absolute lowest-premium form that exists anywhere in the retail market, by far.

We're talking about Money Metals’ new Vault Gold and Vault Silver offerings – allocated fractional interests in exchange-sized bars of 400 troy oz gold and 1,000 troy oz silver. The bars are held in our vault and allocated in your name, in your own Money Metals Depository account.

Let's be clear about why we are doing this – under current market conditions, large commercial bars are the only way in America to get physical gold and silver near the spot price.

No other major precious metals dealer in America offers this easy, low-cost option; it’s the latest example of how Money Metals innovates to serve you, our cherished customer, in any market circumstance.

Your Vault Metals storage account holds the form of metal preferred by financial institutions and mints. They are the raw material from which coins, rounds, and bars are typically fabricated –

Silver Vault Bar

It’s possible to hold a vault silver bar if you use both hands – and if you can even pick it up. A single 15″ x 6″ x 4″ bar weighs 65 pounds. They are hard to move and are best kept inside a secure depository to prevent the need to re-assay. For these reasons, individual investors generally do not take personal possession.

A 400-ounce gold vault bar is smaller and a bit easier to handle at “only” 25 pounds. But you may want to have a few armed guards nearby if you’re planning to hold one, as a single bar is worth over $600,000!

The substantial size – and per-unit price – of these bars work to your advantage in this market. The bars are quite easy for Money Metals Depository to get and store, but not so much for consumers, therefore there are plenty available to us.

That’s why we came up with this new form of precious metals investing – to end the shortage, and to offer you very low premiums.

Simply visit Money Metals now to lock in actual physical Vault Gold in 1/10th ounce increments for as little as $4 over spot – or Vault Silver in one-ounce increments for as little as 90 cents over spot!

This is a storage-only product and you will be prompted to sign a storage agreement with Money Metals Depository, which will involve a minimum $96 annual storage fee.

There are also order minimums of 200 oz of silver or 2 oz of gold. However, you can purchase up to $50,000 online, and there's virtually no limit if you call 1-800-800-1865.

Instead of taking possession of these large and expensive bars, you’ll obtain titled allocated fractional interests in gold vault bars, silver vault bars – or both – through Money Metals.

You can hold your allocated interest long-term, or liquidate it for small bars, coins, or rounds later when premiums finally come down.

So skip the lines, the shortages, and the high premiums with our Vault Silver and Vault Gold offerings!

The combination of low spot prices in this market – and ultra-low premiums through this new Money Metals offering – mean you’ll pay the lowest price per ounce you’ve seen in years, in decades, or possibly even in your lifetime.

Learn more and place your order by visiting our pages for Vault Gold or Vault Silver.
Or call 1-800-800-1865.