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Important Personal Update from Stefan Gleason...

Dear Money Metals customer,

It's been an extraordinarily busy few weeks at Money Metals Exchange, and I am pleased to report that we continue to ship out orders at a breakneck pace.

Our inventory sources are holding up well, enabling us to keep popular coins, bars, and rounds in stock. And we have NOT been turning away smaller customers like virtually all our struggling competitors have been.

In addition to holding the line on further premium increases, we've launched our low-cost Vault Metals storage program – giving you access to gold ounces and silver ounces at just over spot.

And finally, we've dropped interest rates to 5.75% on precious-metals-backed loans! Remember, if you ever wish to borrow against your own precious metals, we can offer you a loan of $25,000 or more. (Not available in all 50 states.)

See below for some great fractional gold options – each of these items is in stock and ready to ship!

Stefan Gleason

Stefan Gleason, President
Money Metals Exchange

3 Gram Gold Panda

5 Gram Gold Bars

$5 U.S. Liberty Gold Coins

$10 U.S. Liberty Gold Coins

Gold French 20 Franc Coins

$5 U.S. Mint Commmemoratives

1/10 Oz Gold Sovereign Coins

1/4 Oz Gold Sovereign Coins

1/10 oz American Gold Eagles

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