Money Metals Adds Platinum to Its Popular New Vault Metals Line-Up

June 4th, 2020 Comments

Money Metals neatly killed two birds with one stone on our customers’ behalf when we recently launched our super-popular Vault Metals program offering fractional interests in 100, 400, and, 1,000-oz commercial bars:

  • We KNOCKED OUT high premiums on gold and silver caused by the recent mad dash to stock up on precious metals in the current global economic turmoil, plus...
  • We KNOCKED DOWN critical shortages that forced our less-prepared competitors to impose ridiculous shipping delays on popular coins, rounds, and bars.

High premiums and product shortages are not what we at Money Metals want for our valued customers!

That’s why we recently introduced Vault Metals – an efficient way for investors to own jumbo brick-shaped bars typically held by family offices, financial institutions, and central banks.

Large commercial gold, silver, and platinum bars are easy for a large national dealer like Money Metals to take possession of and store in a high-security Class 3 vault.

Vault Gold, Vault Silver, and Vault Platinum are especially attractive when hold-in-your-hand items like gold and silver American Eagles are on backorder and/or commanding sky-high premiums over melt value.

Of course, Money Metals hasn’t suffered from the same inventory problems most other dealers have been facing.

But keeping inventory on the shelf at reasonable prices is not the only way Money Metals beats the competition.

Among the other reasons for our success in meeting our customers’ needs is that we have the ability to offer physical bullion in one-ounce silver or tenth-ounce gold and platinum increments – to precious metals buyers looking for low premiums, no shipping charges, and the most actual metal for their money of any bullion product.

You own real physical metals without the usual carrying costs or security concerns. (Modest storage fees do apply.)

Our addition of Vault Gold and Vault Silver has worked out brilliantly at a time when we are experiencing up to four times our normal volume of sales and calls for coins, rounds, and bars. Vault Metals have been exceptionally well accepted by our savvy and well-informed customers.

Today we’re announcing that we’ve taken our Vault Vetals offerings a step further, adding Vault Platinum to our selection.

Platinum is popular due to its rarity and its use as an industrial metal as well as its monetary value – and by virtue of being so dramatically undervalued versus its sister metal palladium.

Vault Plantium

Vault Platinum offers ultra-low
premiums due to economies of scale and
essentially zero minting costs.

Just five months ago, the spot price of platinum was $1,025 an ounce.

Today’s price is under $850. Simply recovering to January’s high would mean a 20 percent gain for you.

Choose Vault Gold, Vault Silver, Vault Platinum, or Some of Each!

Vault Metals provide a low-cost, storage-only way to invest in gold, silver, or platinum. They cannot be shipped. You will be prompted to set up a Vault Metals storage agreement upon completion of your order and there is a small annual storage fee.

It's also super easy to buy, sell, or exchange for an item that can be shipped.

Act now to take advantage of low prices, low premiums, low fees for secure storage, and substantial profit potential from investing in the timeless value of precious metals. Visit or call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-800-800-1865.