Who Else Wants to Access These 3 Great Benefits of Owning Vault Metals?

June 9th, 2020 Comments

Did you see our recent announcement that Money Metals just added Vault Platinum to our popular Vault Gold, and Vault Silver line-up?

Allow us to share the top three reasons happy customers give for why they’re eagerly snapping up positions in our Vault Metals program – advantages previously available only to the mega-affluent:

  • They get the absolute most metal for their money by choosing Vault Metals. With essentially zero minting costs plus the superior economy of scale of 100-, 400-, and 1,000 oz. bars, Vault Metals consistently have the lowest premiums of any form of bullion.
  • No storage worries. Customers love the security of storing their Vault Metals in our insured Class 3 vaults. No home-storage security concerns ever.
  • Tiny bid-ask spread. Of all bullion formats, Vault Metals have the smallest spread between the price you pay when you buy and the price you get when you sell. Also, the shortest processing time, as Vault Metals transactions happen very quickly.

And now, all these advantages are available in our latest offering, Vault Platinum – that’s in addition to the popular Vault Gold and Vault Silver products we launched earlier this year.

1/10 oz Platinum Bar

Vault Platinum offers ultra-low premiums
due to economies of scale and
essentially zero minting costs.

It all means that you can personally own actual physical gold, silver, or platinum through 100, 400, and, 1,000-oz commercial bars in our large vaulting facilities.

One final word about platinum... Just five months ago, platinum was trading at $1,025 an ounce. Today’s price is $850. Simply recovering to January’s high means a 20 percent gain for you.

Act now to take advantage of low prices, low premiums, low fees for secure storage, and substantial profit potential from investing in the timeless value of precious metals.

Visit MoneyMetals.com or call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-800-800-1865.