Is the Biggest Move in Precious Metals History Coming?

David Morgan David Morgan

David Morgan

October 15th, 2020 Comments

Throughout the entire world, currencies are being printed to worthlessness. And the U.S. dollar is not exempt from that list.

Forthcoming is a loss of trust in all major currencies. While the U.S. dollar will remain the last one standing, the paper price will change relative to the precious metals markets, the stock market, the housing market, and everything else.

However, because of the wilting trust during the final phase of a currency breakdown, the resulting run to gold will be extreme.

Between 1970 and 1980, the silver price made its way from $6/oz to $48/oz – however, it was not gradual as some may initially believe. Instead, the $42 move came in the last thirteen months. So, until 1979, silver sat at $6/oz. By 1980, however, it had increased over 800%.

Let this sink in: 87.5% of the move came in the last 7% of the time.

What we are experiencing today isn’t like what happened in 1980; that was merely a precursor of times to come. It is clear what lies ahead is a complete disruption – something that only happens every 350 years.

There lies a rare opportunity in the silver market. Those who believe that the precious metals have already made their run will soon be disappointed to discover that they have missed the biggest move in history.

Is Silver a Get-Rich-Quick Proposition?

Yes. If, and only if, you approach the markets in a calculated matter. I discuss these ideas further in my recent lecture presented at the MoneyShow Canada Virtual Expo.

Pigs Get Slaughtered

The next recession is coming. Expect further social unrest, supply chain breakdowns, the scarcity of products that we take for granted today, and a shift in the global population’s spending habits. Prepare yourself by recognizing that adjusting is the only way forward.

There is an adage in the stock market: bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

Too much greed will lead to losses and regrets. The best advice I can offer is to stay flexible, constantly adjust to reality, and not get your emotions involved.

Remember: human beings have survived anything, even in the harshest conditions, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Don’t underestimate it; we always come through. We will make it through this together.

I spoke with Small Cap Power to discuss the future of silver and gold markets and the potential upcoming recession. You can watch that below.

David Morgan

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A widely recognized expert on silver, David Morgan began investing in stocks and precious metals as a teenager. He obtained degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering. Author of the book The Silver Manifesto, he has devoted more than 30 years to educating investors on opportunities to protect and grow their wealth. In addition to advising private clients and fund managers, he writes at The Morgan Report, covering economic news, the global economy, currency debasement, and stellar opportunities in precious metals and mining stocks.