The Return of a Gold-Backed Medium of Exchange!

December 31st, 2020 Comments

You Can Carry Foldable Gold in Your Wallet Again

EAGLE, IDAHO – Money Metals announces an exciting new alternative to wealth-destroying Federal Reserve Notes that could be very useful to you in any number of bad scenarios –

You can now own a medium of exchange using .9999 pure gold - in several convenient denominations.

Having become a full fiat currency, today's U.S. Dollar whittles away your assets via a slow drip.

Congress and the Fed create vast numbers of new currency units on a whim, devaluing the dollar-denominated assets you earned, saved, invested, and are counting on to meet your present and future needs.

INTRODUCING THE GOLDBACK – A Unique New Way to Own Spendable Physical Gold

The American-made Goldback is the world’s first spendable, interchangeable, small denomination, physical gold bullion.

Each individual Goldback contains actual gold embedded in a beautiful bill-sized form. It's true sound money!

Treasury United States Mint

The U.S. effectively abandoned the
gold standard in 1933, completely severing the
link between the dollar and gold in 1971.
The privately issued Utah and Nevada Goldbacks
meet the demands of savvy Americans to own
a gold-based media of exchange for small transactions.

Like gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds, holding a portion of your cash in Goldbacks can offer you a measure of safety and security against inflation and dollar destruction, the preferred tools of politicians who find printing money far more lucrative and easier to get away with than formally raising taxes.

To be clear, though, holding Goldbacks is an inefficient way to get gold price exposure -- or to accumulate large amounts of bullion.

Instead, the Goldback represents a tangible, hold-in-your-hand means of engaging in small transactions with others, making payments that, in-and-of themselves, represent real value.

The Goldback cannot be devalued by politicians or the Federal Reserve their utterly predictable, dollar-destroying actions are only likely to increase the value of every Goldback you purchase today.

Money Metals now offers a complete selection of these stunningly beautiful, privately issued bullion units in the full range of denominations made.

The math is simple: 1,000 Goldbacks -- no matter what combination of Goldback sizes you are using -- contain exactly one ounce of .9999 gold. Examples:

Stack of Goldbacks

Each Goldback is layered with .9999 fine gold
in exacting quantities using cutting-edge
vacuum deposition technology. Goldbacks carry
a precise amount of pure gold between
layers of polyester which makes them resilient and durable.

  • 1,000 Goldback Ones = 1 oz. of gold
  • 200 Goldback Fives = 1 oz. of gold
  • 20 Goldback Fifties = 1 oz. of gold

Please act quickly if you want to pick up some Goldbacks for yourself or others. High demand and limited supplies require us to place strict limits on order sizes.

But even with our order size limits, you can still order a robust starter stack and begin the conversion of some of your cash to genuine American Goldbacks.

It's important we make sure you know that the premiums over the spot price are substantially higher than those on bullion coins, bars, and rounds – which means the Goldback is not an efficient way to accumulate larger amounts of gold. But it has a role to play in your overall mix of gold and silver.

See more details and place your order at Money Metals -- or call 1-800-800-1865!

Bottom line: You can hold all of your cash in Federal Reserve Notes backed by nothing but “the full faith and credit of the United States of America” (currently $27 trillion in debt), or you can switch some of your cash to Nevada or Utah Goldbacks with .9999 pure gold permanently embedded into each unit.