Despite Overwhelming Demand, Money Metals Remains Fully Stocked on Popular Silver Items

February 25th, 2021 Comments

The demand continues to be unrelenting... More Americans are waking up to the investment merits of silver – and taking action.

There is some indication that silver buyers have begun to focus more on the physical metal and less on Wall Street's paper silver instruments.

That's a good thing.

And strong physical demand has put upside pressure on silver prices even as gold prices have drifted lower.

While other precious metals dealers continue to struggle with inventory issues and massive shipping delays, Money Metals is operating at FULL TILT and remains FLUSH with scrap silver coins, bars, and rounds for immediate purchase.

3-Month Silver Chart

3 Month Silver Chart

To be fair, the overwhelming public demand for silver over the past month has put unprecedented pressure on dealers, mints, and refineries. No question about it.

And even though Money Metals has been able to meet the silver demand so far – there's no guarantee our rapid re-stocking of inventory will continue to go so well.

Below is a list of some popular items that are still plentiful at Money Metals at the current time:




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