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A Personal Message from Money Metals President Stefan Gleason

Wow, what a memorable year we all just experienced!

I want to start by thanking you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in 2022 -- plus, I want to make a new pledge as we enter the New Year...

When I launched Money Metals Exchange 13 years ago and asked my brother Mike Gleason and my brother-in-law Clint Siegner to join me, I had a vision to create a different kind of precious metals dealer.

I was hopeful, but I certainly didn’t expect Money Metals would so quickly rise to the top of the industry in the United States, grow to more than 100 employees, and build the largest private depository west of the Mississippi.

Stefan Gleason

Stefan Gleason, President of
Money Metals Exchange

At our founding back in 2010, we had simply identified a major gap in the U.S. precious metals market.

Investors wanting to diversify into physical precious metals could choose from two types of national dealers – and we frankly didn’t think either option was too great.

First (and worst) was those bait and switch “rare coin” outfits who still, to this day, prey on hapless investors with their slick TV ads, paid celebrity spokesmen, “free investor kits,” and boiler room sales operations.

These shysters’ game was – and is – to pressure investors into buying supposed rarities and other items that are priced way over melt value… dramatically higher than bullion coins, bars, and rounds.

The damage these national “rare coin” peddlers have done to trust in our industry – to say nothing of the financial damage done to investors – is immeasurable.

The other type of national dealer out there was – and is – the generic online store. No educational content, no market news, no advocacy for customers’ interests… nothing more than selling of widgets that happen to be fabricated from gold and silver.

I suppose the "generic online store" is okay as far as it goes (provided such dealers deliver on their commitments to customers).

But I believe we, at Money Metals, have a responsibility to do more than “just” be a reliable outlet for gold and silver at fair prices.

Americans ought to have a partner in their dealer. It’s not simply about making a sale. Not even close.

We founded Money Metals to educate, serve, and protect investors while introducing them to the wealth-protecting qualities of gold and silver.

For us, it’s about striving to do business with absolute integrity.

It’s about directly advocating for public policies that promote sound money, especially repeal of all forms of taxation on the monetary metals.

It’s about offering timely analysis, newsletters, podcasts, and other content -- week in and week out.

It’s about providing white-glove customer service and an array of related services – like monthly savings plans, secure storage, precious metals backed loans and IRAs, and a two-way market – all seamlessly integrated.

To our loyal Money Metals customers, we want to thank you again for your patronage – and for your trust in us.

We will NEVER take your business for granted; we intend to keep earning it with every interaction we have with you.

Happy New Year… from my family to you and your family!

Stefan Gleason Signature

Stefan Gleason, President
Money Metals Exchange

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