Analysts Spot another Bullish Price Pattern on Gold Charts...

December 19th, 2023 Comments

Gold prices have remained buoyant above $2,000, aided by last week's Fed pivot on the direction of interest rates.

The yellow metal remains in a bullish posture, as traders continue to expect a decisive breakout above $2,075 after the most recent false start.

Meanwhile, technical analysts have spotted an inverse head-and-shoulder pattern on the gold chart, stretching back to the first time gold hit $2,075 back in 2020, seen on the gold price chart

2024 New Zealand 2 Oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle
2024 New Zealand 2 Oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle
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This pattern is thought to be highly bullish; the "neckline" is at the all-time high (which has now been reached on four separate occasions).

Silver remains weaker, struggling to maintain the $25 level.

If gold ultimately breaks out to all-time highs, though, silver could finally get moving and break above $26 on the way to its key $30 level.

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