Gold/Silver Rally as Interest Rates Rise

Federal Reserve in Serious Trouble as Economy Stagnates

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August 23rd, 2013 Comments

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Welcome to Money Metals Exchange's weekly market wrap podcast. Helping precious metals investors during these treacherous times. Now, here's this week's market wrap with commentary and analysis from the fastest growing precious metals dealer in America, Money Metals Exchange.

Mike Gleason:

Welcome to this week's market wrap podcast, I'm Mike Gleason.

"Taper" talk was back on the table this week. On Wednesday, minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee's most recent meeting hit the newswires. And a predictable outpouring of linguistic speculation and feigned drama followed.


The main problem facing Federal Reserve policymakers at the moment is rising long-term interest rates. The Fed does not directly control Treasury bond yields or mortgage rates, but it does exert influence over them through its bond-buying program dubbed "Quantitative Easing." The Fed's attempts to gently alert the markets that it intends to start the process of winding down QE have caused rates to soar in recent months – as investors have dumped bonds.

So far, interest rates have headed ever-so-slightly toward more normal levels. But if the rout in the bond market continues, it could cause serious problems for America's fragile economy. The U.S. bond market is worth about $32 trillion – yes, that's trillion with a "t" – so even relatively small percentage declines in value can lead to enormous losses in wealth. Moreover, the fledgling housing recovery will be threatened if mortgage rates continue to rise.

It's doubtful that the Fed would want to risk finding out what the breaking point for the economy is. After re-inflating asset markets with free money for several years, an even bigger crash than we saw in 2008 could result if the Fed were to exit the markets now.

Even if we don't see another crash, the stock market will struggle if rates keep rising. Many sectors are interest-rate sensitive, and investors tend to demand higher dividend yields and earnings yields out of equities as a whole in such an environment.

Some analysts say rising interest rates are bad for precious metals, but that's not necessarily the case. Precious metals are the least correlated asset class to bond and equity markets. When paper assets sell off, hard assets often serve as a safe haven.

This is what happened in the late 1970s. Rising interest rates. Weak economy. Lousy stock market. It all set the stage for a mania phase in gold and silver, which peaked in January 1980.

As for the action in the metals this week, the Fed didn't end up moving the markets a whole lot. Precious metals entered Friday trading little changed on the week. Silver prices consolidated around the $23 level after last week when the metal put in its biggest weekly rally in percentage terms since 2008. As regular listeners to this program will recall, I had been saying for weeks that a strong weekly close above $20 could spark a major short covering rally. That's exactly what happened.

Turning to gold, the metal of kings currently trades at $1,374 an ounce after breaking above the $1,350 resistance area last week. We will be keeping our eye on the $1,400 level. If gold can clear that and get a 14 handle on the price chart, it should be able to start pushing through zones of price congestion established in the spring.

Meanwhile, platinum is outperforming gold slightly this week. Though prices only advanced about 1%, it was enough for platinum to break out to a fresh five-month high. Prices currently come in at about $1,545 per ounce as platinum heads for its seventh consecutive weekly gain, an advance that is quite unusual during what is normally a quiet summer period in the metals.

Now that we have signs of technical breakouts on the charts for all the precious metals, investors may not be able to count on any deep price corrections to give them cheaper entry points. Some commentators were eyeing $1,100 or even as low as $1,000 levels on gold for a final bottom. Those levels may never be hit.

Frankly, trying to pick the absolute bottom is a poor strategy – particularly for investors who are underexposed to precious metals.

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Well that will do it for this week's market wrap podcast, thanks for listening. This has been Mike Gleason with Money Metals Exchange, reminding you that we remain fully committed to getting you the most value for depreciating dollar... with speed, with accuracy and with top notch service. Have a great weekend everybody.


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