G7 Leaders Scramble for 11th Hour Greece Bailout Package

Will Gold and Silver Finally Rebound on Debt and Inflation Concerns?

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May 29th, 2015 Comments

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Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason.

Will the final trading day of the month finally give metals markets a spark to break out of their sideways-ranging spring? It’s too early to tell what the long-term significance of today’s trading action will be. Perhaps when trading commences for June next Monday, more of a summer mindset will take hold – and with it more of a decipherable trend.

Meantime, gold and silver prices retreated toward the lower end of their trading ranges ahead of Friday’s key GDP report. Metals markets pulled back for the second straight week as the U.S. dollar rallied for a second consecutive week. The dollar recorded fresh multi-year highs versus the beleaguered Japanese yen. Against a broader basket of foreign currencies, however, the dollar remains below its high mark from March.

As of this Friday morning recording gold prices come in at $1,192 an ounce, down 1.2% on the week. Silver meanwhile trades at $16.80 an ounce, for a weekly loss of 2.1%.

Turning to platinum, the alternative to gold dipped to its biggest discount versus the yellow metal since late 2012. Platinum now trades at $1,120 an ounce after falling 2.5% on the week. Although the near-term momentum remains negative for platinum, some precious metals aficionados are attracted to the superior long-term value proposition. Platinum normally costs more per ounce than gold and almost certainly will again at some point in the future. And like gold, platinum is a hard asset that provides protection against financial disasters.

Speaking of financial disasters, concerns over a potential Greek debt default weighed on markets this week as G7 leaders scrambled to try to come up with an 11th hour bailout package. Greek officials said they remain hopeful an agreement with lenders can be reached by Sunday. If no deal is reached, then Greece will seemingly be left with no option but to default on its debt next week.

Greece isn’t the only nation facing a solvency crisis. In a way, Greece is the least of the world’s debt problems. The Greek economy represents less than 0.4% of world GDP. If Greece goes under, the world economy won’t be mortally wounded.

No, the real risk is that Greece is the first domino to fall in a cascading sovereign debt crisis that spreads from one country to another. Greece is but the smallest of the so-called PIGS countries. The others – Portugal, Italy, and Spain – are larger dominos that could potentially fall. Down the line, the world’s third largest economy, Japan, has a debt to GDP ratio that is as large as Greece’s. The United States isn’t far behind. Total U.S. government debt recently came in at 100% of GDP – which makes it more leveraged than most Third World countries.

Even if the U.S. is capable of shouldering its current debt burden, the problem is that debt isn’t static. It will only get worse over time. Even the optimistic projections by the Congressional Budget Office show trillion dollar deficits returning in the next decade and the debt to GDP ratio accelerating to the upside.

More than $200 trillion in total unfunded liabilities loom for the U.S. taxpayer as of 2015. These obligations can’t be paid in 2015 dollars. It’s mathematically impossible. But that doesn’t necessarily mean default is inevitable. The U.S., unlike Greece, controls its own currency. If the dollars needed to pay the U.S. government’s bills don’t exist, the Treasury Department can always issue more debt and sell it to the Federal Reserve. The Fed simply creates an electronic entry showing the U.S. Treasury has new digital dollars that didn’t exist before. It’s the magic of fiat currency.

It’s a bleak picture and one that has inspired a song by Steve Dore…

“Headed for Disaster" By Steve Dore

The government is libel and out of control,
for millions and billions and trillions and more
The rich get richer, the rest don’t know
Their standard of living’s gonna fall through the floor
You better be ready by making a plan
then trusting what you’re told with your head in the sand
And grow your own food, get ready, get some gold
Build up your bunker before you get too old
We’re headed for disaster, faster and faster
We’re headed for disaster, faster and faster

Billions, trillions, and more…there’s no upper limit to how much the Fed can digitally print. So while default is a very real risk for holders of Greek bonds, the real risk facing holders of U.S. bonds may be that of inflation.

Nobody in the mainstream media is talking about an inflation problem right now. But by the time inflation becomes enough of a problem to command the attention of CNBC, precious metals prices very likely be will be trading at significantly higher levels. Put another way, inflation insurance in the form of hard money will be more expensive. Gold and silver today are cheap relative to the long-term financial disaster protection they provide.

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Mike Gleason

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