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Money Metals Podcast

Gold Now Most-Hated Asset While Retail Public Buys at Record Pace

July 24th, 2015

These are truly extraordinary times in the precious metals markets. Rarely have metals markets been so bifurcated between the paper and the physical trade.  They are challenging times, to be sure. When trading ranges give out, it’s tempting to want … Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Retail Silver Market Gets Super Tight, Short-Covering Rally Possible

July 17th, 2015

Neither the Greece situation nor Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony before Congress this week caused traders to shift from short to long on precious metals in the futures markets. Yellen reiterated the Fed’s desire to be able to raise rates before the… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Dan Norcini Exclusive: China Crash Is the Sleeper Issue

July 10th, 2015

Whether the precious metals markets can recover from this week’s “glitch” or whether they’ll face more headwinds as the summer progresses remains to be seen. From a technical standpoint, silver could enjoy a substantial bounce off the extremely o… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Greek Default Sparks Volatility, Contagion Fears

July 2nd, 2015

Greeks who had depended on promises made to them by the political and banking system are learning the hard way that they should have had a Plan B. The upshot for citizens of other countries that are financially overextended is that they still have an opp… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

India Is Massively Hoarding Silver: What Do They Know?

June 26th, 2015

On Thursday the Supreme Court rescued Obamacare from potential oblivion. The 6 to 3 majority essentially re-wrote portions of the law that Congress had botched pertaining to health insurance subsidies. Writing on behalf of the majority, Republican-appoi… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Texas Wants Possession of Its Gold – Here’s What They’re Worried About…

June 19th, 2015

The state of Texas joins countries like the Netherlands and Germany who are trying to claw their gold out of Wall Street’s grubby hands. These governments are rightly worried that there are way more claims on physical gold than there is actual gold.… Keep Reading