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US Mint Monster Box - Empty

US Mint Monster Box - Empty
  • US Mint Monster Box - Empty thumbnail
  • US Mint Monster Box - Empty thumbnail
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If you’re seeking a solution to organize or store your precious metals, an empty U.S. Mint Monster Box may be your answer. While their value is not substantially impacted by their condition, bullion coins can get damaged from wear and tear and being jostled around. A green monster box may help protect your silver, gold, palladium, and platinum coins from tarnishing.

This versatile, heavy duty green box is the size of a shoebox and can store up to 500 coins or 25 tubes. The box has shelves on the inside to help organize your coins or tubes. The boxes are originally made to hold American Eagle coins, but they can store other bullion items.

You can purchase American Eagle bullion coins from Money Metals Exchange. 

Obtain an empty U.S. Mint Monster Box and accumulate metals over time.  Once you’ve filled up your first monster box, work on filling up another one!

A unique aspect of the empty U.S. Mint Monster Boxes is that they come straight from the United States Mint. This is a great benefit because it’s a genuine product. However, the boxes may come in slightly used conditions. The United States Mint adds barcode stickers on to the boxes to track the bullion the box holds, which may leave sticker residue or superficial marks on the product you purchase.  This does not make the box any less durable.

Purchase an empty U.S. Mint Monster Box from Money Metals Exchange. The box is a great way to organize, transport, and store your bullion. Store the box in a durable, fireproof security safe for added protection. Add one of these empty boxes to an existing bullion order to save on the cost of shipping!

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 15" X 8.5" X 4.5"
Weight: 3 Lb 4 Oz

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By S S. on October 1st, 2016