War Nickels - 35% Silver (1.125 Oz of Silver for Every $1 Face Value)

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Silver War Nickels, minted in the United States during a critical period of World War II, embody a fascinating chapter in American numismatic history. They were produced from mid-1942 until 1945, a time when the usual nickel metal was diverted for wartime manufacturing, necessitating a shift in the composition of the 5-cent coin (five cents; $0.05 USD).

This period introduced the Jefferson Nickel made from an alloy that significantly reduced its nickel content, replacing it with silver, among other metals. These coins not only served an essential role during the war but also continue to captivate collectors and investors alike.

Coin Highlights:

  • Composition: Unlike any other U.S. coinage, Silver War Nickels contain an alloy of 35% silver, 56% copper, and 9% manganese, making them distinctive among both collectors and precious metal investors.

  • Design: These coins bear the iconic image of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse, designed by Felix O. Schlag, with the Monticello, Jefferson's famous estate, on the reverse. A notable distinction for the Silver War Nickels is the large mint mark above Monticello's dome, indicating the coin's mint location (P for Philadelphia Mint, D for Denver Mint, and S for San Francisco Mint). This was the first time in U.S. history that a mint mark was prominently featured on the coin's reverse.

  • Weight and Dimensions: Each coin weighs 5.00 grams, with a diameter of 21.2 mm and thickness of 1.95 mm, maintaining the size of the traditional nickel but with a distinct feel due to its unique composition.

  • Collectible Value: The historical significance, combined with their unique composition, makes Silver War Nickels highly sought after by numismatists. Their value can vary widely based on condition, mint mark, and historical interest.

  • Investment Potential: With 1.125 troy ounces of silver per $1 face value, these nickels offer a tangible investment in precious metals, particularly appealing for those looking to diversify their portfolio with silver at a relatively low cost.

  • Legacy: The Silver War Nickels serve as a reminder of the American home front's adaptability and contribution to the war effort, encapsulating a pivotal moment in U.S. history within each piece.

For collectors, the allure of Silver War Nickels lies not just in their metallic value but in their historical significance and the story they tell of a nation's collective effort during a global conflict.

For investors, they represent an accessible means of diversifying assets and owning a piece of precious metal with intrinsic and historical value. Whether for their historical importance, investment potential, or both, Silver War Nickels continue to shine in the realms of numismatics and precious metal collections.

Historical Context

The Silver War Nickels arose out of necessity. Nickel, a critical material for wartime production, especially in armor plating and other military applications, became increasingly scarce. The U.S. Mint's response was to remove nickel from the 5-cent pieces entirely, substituting it with an alloy more available and less critical to the war effort.

This adaptation not only highlights the home front's contribution to the war effort but also marks a unique deviation in the composition of U.S. coinage.


Obverse Design

The obverse of the US Mint Silver War Nickel features a profile portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, facing left. This design was the work of artist Felix O. Schlag, who won a competition in 1938 to design the new Jefferson Nickel.

The depiction of Jefferson was intended to commemorate his contributions to the founding of the United States, including his role as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

Around the perimeter of the coin, the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" appear to the left of Jefferson's profile, while the word "LIBERTY" and the year of minting are displayed to the right.

Reverse Design

On the reverse, the coin features a depiction of Monticello, Jefferson's esteemed Virginia estate. This design choice was also part of Felix O. Schlag's original submission, symbolizing Jefferson's architectural prowess and his Enlightenment-inspired ideals.

Monticello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, represents Jefferson's multifaceted legacy as a statesman, architect, and inventor.

The reverse design is framed by the inscriptions "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (Latin for "Out of many, one") at the top and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" along the bottom edge. The denomination "FIVE CENTS" is prominently displayed at the base of Monticello. The word “MONTICELLO” is displayed beneath the building image.

A distinctive feature of the Silver War Nickel is the enlarged mint mark placed above the dome of Monticello, indicating where the coin was minted (P for Philadelphia, D for Denver, and S for San Francisco). This was a departure from previous practices where mint marks were smaller and less prominently placed.

The inclusion of the mint mark on the reverse was significant during this period as it helped identify the silver alloy coins from their nickel counterparts, making the Silver War Nickels immediately recognizable to those handling them.

Step into history and explore the unique allure of the Silver War Nickels, a remarkable piece of World War II history now available for your collection.

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Product Specifications
Mint Facility: US Mint
Denomination: 5 cents US
Date: 1942 - 1945
Quality / Type: Circulated
Purity: 35% silver, 56% copper, 9% manganese
Metal Weight: 1.125 troy ozs silver per dollar face value (.0563 troy ozs per coin)
Diameter: 21.2mm
Thickness: 1.95mm
Obverse: Thomas Jefferson
Reverse: Monticello

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  • Steven C.
    February 6th, 2024
    Raw coins.
    These coins were in rough shape but I got a couple nice ones. Appreciate these MMX!
  • Ed R.
    December 13th, 2023
    Good enough.
    Most were "war" to a frazzle but there were a couple that were worthy enough to go into my collection. The rest went into my safe. E.W.R. Dec. 13, 2023
  • Marcus G.
    November 9th, 2023
    Love collecting junk silver
    They came very quickly and loved the quality they accidentally sent me a 1954 nickel I messaged them and they promptly replied and they said they was sorry and are shipping me out a replacement thanks and I'm a customer for life
  • Michael W.
    July 12th, 2023
    War Nickels
    I Love them. A time period that this Country Stepped Up for real War!!!
  • Geoffrey S.
    March 13th, 2022
    Great variety
    I needed 2 more of a particular date for my collection and received them this time! the rest will be for stacking. Very happy with the product and MMX!