Vault Metals Storage Program:

Save Like a Pro and Enjoy 3 Great Benefits

Through its Vault Metals program, Money Metals has created the most efficient way to own and store physical precious metals -- held in the form of Vault Gold, Vault Silver, Vault Platinum, Vault Palladium, and Vault Rhodium.

Happy customers give us three main reasons for eagerly snapping up positions in our Vault Metals storage program – advantages previously available only to kings and queens, bankers and billionaires, and other mega-affluent savers:

  • Buyers get the absolute most metal for their money by choosing Vault Metals. With essentially zero minting costs compared with coins, rounds, and smaller bars, Vault Metals consistently have the lowest premiums ounce for ounce of any form of bullion.

  • No storage worries. Customers love the security of storing their Vault Metals in insured Class 3 vaults in Massachusetts, Delaware, and Idaho. No home-storage security concerns ever.

  • Tiny bid-ask spread. Of all bullion formats, Vault Metals have the smallest spread between the price you pay when you buy and the price you get when you sell. Also Vault Metals transactions can be completed very quickly.

It all means that you can personally and directly own actual physical precious metals as allocated portions of commercial bars or other bullion forms in insured, third-party vaulting facilities.

Act now to take advantage of low prices, low premiums, low fees for secure storage, and asset protection benefits through ownership of precious metals.

Gold and Silver bars

Vault Metals are the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to cost-effective storage of precious metals -- and to the problem of higher premiums during periods of high demand.

Frequently asked questions

A. Demand for hold-in-your-hand forms of silver and gold recently eclipsed historic levels, resulting in short supplies, high premiums, and unwelcome shipping delays... particularly at Money Metals' competitors. Vault Gold, Vault Silver, Vault Platinum, Vault Palladium, and Vault Rhodium, in contrast, are in ample supply, are still available at super-low premiums, and are not impacted by delays in processing or shipping.