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Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver (Produced 1916 - 1945)

Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver (Produced 1916 - 1945)
  • Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver (Produced 1916 - 1945) thumbnail
  • Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver (Produced 1916 - 1945) thumbnail

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Buy Iconic Mercury Dimes For Less From Money Metals Exchange

Adolph Weinman designed two of the US Mint's most popular and beautiful coins. One was the Walking Liberty half dollar, and the other was the "Mercury" dime. The US mint produced these coins from 1916 - 1945 in 90% silver. Today these coins are popular with silver investors and coin collectors alike, the history of the mercury dime silver coins alone makes it unique amongst other coins and bullion coins.

mercury dime reverse

It will be a surprise to most people outside of the coin collecting community that the familiar profile wearing a winged helm on the coin's obverse does not represent the Roman god Mercury. That mistaken assumption is so common the coin will forever be associated with the god of messengers. In fact, the image is of a young lady liberty wearing the Phryrgian (winged) cap.

Each Mercury Silver Dime contains 0.0715 ounces of actual silver which translates to 0.715 ounces for each dollar of face value (10 dimes). The coins are 90% silver and 10% copper, but buyers only pay for the silver content. The calculation used to determine the silver weight in any quantity of these coins excludes the copper.

These junk silver dimes for sale, cost a bit more than regular 90%, or "Junk", silver dimes and quarters. But for fans of these coins, the modest additional premium may be well worth it when it comes to the overall coin values. Coin dealers and collectors, like to look for key dates that increase the Mercury Silver Dime value.

Silver US coinage, including Mercury dimes, are a great way for bullion investors to buy silver without paying huge premiums. This valuable coin has the additional advantages of being trusted and recognizable. They are marked as official legal tender from the US mint and spent decades in circulation.

This trait also makes the coins ideal for anyone who is building a barter stash. The truth is that the unbacked US dollar will not survive if the federal government destroys the confidence backing our currency by continuing to borrow and spend without restraint. It is wise to prepare against the day that confidence collapses and merchants no longer accept dollars for payment. The small denomination and the recognizability increase the silver Mercury dimes worth and make them easy to trade for items as small as a loaf of bread.

Product Specifications

Mint Facility: US Mint
Denomination: One Dime
Date: 1916 - 1945
Quality / Type: Circulated
Purity: 90% silver, 10% copper
Metal Weight: .715 troy oz. silver content per dollar of face value
Diameter: 17.9mm
Thickness: 1.35mm
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: Winged Liberty Head
Reverse: Column & Fasces

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Great buy!

By Amanda H. on August 9th, 2021

I gambled and ordered some of Mercury's and some bullion to keep my silver stock full. I'm a collector and jewelry maker and have found that coin silver make beautiful castings. I was shocked most of the Mercury's were not at all junk! I started a new book with them for my daughter at a great price. Fast shipping, great information sent with, awesome packaging and the customer service is wonderful. I will be back soon for my 3rd order.

5 dollars cheaper than JM Bullion for 5$ face value, as of today, 7-7-2021.

By Bruce C. on July 7th, 2021

There is no reason at all to purchase from any other online dealer. MMX is clearly the best, AND the cheapest. That is a hard act to follow. I also buy from a local coin dealer. He will match MMX prices 90% of the time, and when he can't match their price, he will order from them.

Sorry review late by 5 days...

By Billy O. on June 29th, 2021

First time ordered Silver Starter 4 Oz in 09/2020! Impressed Indeed! Now 2nd time to get something so I Ordered first $5 Face "90% Junk Silver" coins deal to check out plus put towards hoard of Silver I hope to continue to build up. Went with Mercury Dimes, Absolutely No Complaints other than failure to have done review earlier! Monday 06/21 placed order, Friday 06/25 Email + text USPS package arrival in mailbox but thunderstorm hit had to get next day. Sat 06/26 Mercury Dimes, oh my! Though busy it was Tuesday 06/29 finally time to check the dimes - all 50 and was nothing but Impressive with the conditions despite they age 99% Awesome (one or two battle scarred but readable) two were in teen yrs, 8 in the 20's yrs, 30's about 12 -15 rest were in 40's with a final year 1945! They were all decent condition and detail for any collectors I may know. Plan on again ordering more plus some other Junk type for Assortment! Greatky Appreciate It MMX, from.processing to shipping to arrival, Mercury would have been Impressed and offer to have y'all help him ( under the radar of course so not to get in trouble with the Gods) Thanks Again! Billy O'Hara Cedar Key, FL

The *best* Mercurys!

By Zavdi A. on April 17th, 2021

Money Metals sells THE BEST mercury dimes, BAR NONE, that I have ever seen for 'regular circulated' condition. Sure, you might be able to get them elsewhere for5% cheaper, but I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these. You won't be disappointed! I'm coming back for more as soon as I can afford it :D

My favorite bullion exchange!

By Jacob R. on March 24th, 2021

I’ve purchased dozens of different silver, gold, copper and platinum bullion items from this site. I have yet to be disappointed with the products, the service, the price or the shipping. This is a fantastic company with a professional demeanor with customers and a consistent stock of bullion. The only constructive criticism I have is that the selection is somewhat limited in comparison to other bullion sites. Fantastic overall!

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