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Buy Gold Bars at the Lowest Gold Price Per Gram or Ounce

Buy Gold Bars in 1 oz, 10 oz, 1 gram & 50 gram Sizes!

Buying pure gold as close to melt value as possible is always a wise choice for investors and you won’t find lower premiums than those available on gold bars. Coins and rounds are more difficult to fabricate and thus cost a bit more. When you seek the most gold possible for whatever amount you plan to spend, you’ll find bars are the way to go.

One ounce bars - our most popular size - typically offer savings of between $15 - $40 per ounce versus coins of the same size. However, to be fair, the bars will also bring a bit less when sold. The decision to buy bars versus coins really boils down to individual preferences. Choose bars if you prefer the savings - you won't be sacrificing much, if any, in liquidity or trust.

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Gold Price Per Gram

Gold bars come in a wider range of sizes than coins, rounds or gold fractionals. With sizes starting as small as 1 gram all the way up to exchange sized bars weighing 400 ounce each, investors can find something to suit their budget and their needs. However, bars weighing 10 ounces or less are the best option in most circumstances. These come individually packaged by the refiner in tamper-proof, certificate holders guaranteeing weight and purity.

Bars larger than 10 ounces, or those sold without the original packaging, will likely be discounted to some degree when it is time to sell. Dealers who buy them will typically send them for melt and assay. Larger bars are easier to tamper with so caution is warranted. As a rule, it generally will not be worth the few dollars per ounce in savings to buy them and take possession.

Gold Bars for Sale

The exception to this rule is for bars that will remain in the custody of a COMEX approved storage facility. Investors can confidently buy larger certified bars and resell them without bearing the expense of melt and assay as long as they do not take them out of the vault system. And they can arrange for segregated storage, gaining assurance their bars will not be commingled or held in a pool. Investors making a major gold purchase may find the physical security inherent with vault storage indispensable. They will also appreciate the ability to instantly buy or sell without the delays, risks or expense associated with shipping. Plus the savings of a few dollars per ounce can add up on very large investments.

Money Metals Exchange offers bars from the most prominent manufacturers including Johnson Matthey, the Royal Canadian Mint, Republic Metals, Ohio Precious Metals (OPM), Sunshine Mint and Perth Mint. Each producer carries an excellent reputation for quality and bars with their brand are always in demand. That means you can expect top dollar when it is time to resell.

Customers securing some gold for the purpose of barter and trade in the event of a currency crisis or hyperinflation need to consider CombiBars from the Swiss refiner Valcambi. A recent innovation, these bars are scored and designed to be easily separated into smaller segments such as 1 gram or 1/10th ounce. Each segment carries the Valcambi brand along with its weight and purity. They represent an ideal way to get the versatility of small denomination coins, at much lower premiums.

Investors can always find prices either to purchase or to sell published live right here on our product pages, Call today and lock your price on beautiful, low cost gold bars. You'll find unmatched service along with fast, secure, and discreet delivery with every purchase - simply order online or call 1-800-800-1865.