Silver Buffalo Rounds

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Don’t miss out on our American Silver Buffalo Rounds: the perfect addition to any collector’s portfolio!

Money Metals Exchange is pleased to offer the .999 fine 1-ounce silver Buffalo round. These 1 oz silver Buffalo Rounds are not legal tender and do not purport to be numismatic items. Rather, they are a fantastic way to get more silver per ounce than most other options.

These privately minted rounds are minted like a 1 oz silver coin but offer significant savings versus their government-issued counterparts. Buy with confidence - silver bullion rounds stamped with their weight and purity are highly liquid. Dealers and investors trade them in huge quantities throughout the country.

More Great Background on the American Silver Buffalo Rounds

Who Mints Silver Buffalo Rounds

Between 1913 and 1938 the United States minted Indian Head Nickels. This Buffalo Indian design remains one of the most iconic in U.S. minting history. These Buffalo rounds are modeled after the famous James Earl Fraser design. Its back story makes it one of the most fascinating 1-ounce silver bullion rounds to buy.

Featuring James Earle Fraser’s design of an American Buffalo and a Native American, the American Silver Buffalo Rounds depict some of the imagery associated with America’s rich history. No one really knows who the Native American featured in the picture actually is. Not even the designer himself could give an exact answer.

He wrote that a combination of three separate Native Americans were used- Iron Tail, Big Tree and Two Moons, but he could not remember for sure. Later many others had self-proclaimed to be the model for Fraser's coin. After all these years, there's still no official answer as to who holds the honor of gracing the obverse of these beautiful rounds. Fraser himself was part of native American life, living in Winona, Minnesota, during an era where native Americans were being forced west or into colonies during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Fraser’s design seems to be a depiction of the images memorable to him during his life on the frontier. He seems to have chosen a design depicting what American life meant to him and, therefore, the imagery of the American Buffalo and Native American symbolize two key features and sets of characters within his own life.

On the obverse, the Native American is a representation of the people Fraser was surrounded by and the portrait is not of one specific person. On the reverse, the image is of Black Diamond, a bison Fraser met at the zoo. Symbolically, buffalos also mean sacred life and abundance especially to the Native Americans, and the image of the bison has become of the United States’ national symbols. On the round’s obverse, the word ‘Liberty’ reinforces one of the American traditional values it has become famous for.

An American bison or buffalo is featured on the reverse. Similar to the Native American, the story behind the picture has been a long debate. Fraser was not 100% sure of the specific type of buffalo he had drawn. He had mentioned that it was none other than the famed American bison Black Diamond from the Central Park Menagerie. (Central Park Zoo) One Bronx Zoo employee suggested that Fraser may have used Bronx, the bison herd leader around that time.

The attractiveness of the design can be seen by exploring its history. In between 1913 and 1938, the United States used it on its nickel coins. As such, the rounds we are selling can be an attractive purchase both for collectors of silver bullion rounds, and people who buy coins to collect. You are also given the option to buy gold buffalo coins , versus the silver. This allows investors the option to stick with the design they like, but in a different metal.

Silver Buffalo Coin Value

Because they do not carry the higher government markup, American Buffalo Silver Bullion Rounds are a great way of obtaining more silver for your ounce than other investment options. They are not legal tender, meaning that their value is mainly the value of the metal. It therefore follows that they are not numismatics. Each of these privately US mint coins are stamped with its weight and its purity, meaning that you can buy confidently, safe in the knowledge that what we are advertising, is what you are getting. If you are looking for a legal tender bullion based option the value of pre 1965 quarters can be very appealing as well!

Are Silver Buffalo Rounds A Good Investment?

Rounds can be bought for collection purposes, as they offer a stunning alternative to coins and other forms of metal collections. As silver is cheaper than gold, more can be bought at any one time, meaning that your collection builds up quicker. You can buy more silver for the price you would pay for a 1 oz gold coin. Collectors like to build up a varied portfolio, and pure silver rounds make a welcome addition to all collections. Other reasons to purchase silver rounds include investment. In an uncertain economy, people choose silver because it is such a valuable metal, and this is likely to remain due to its use in a range of circumstances. For example, silver is a popular material for making jewelry with and there are even reports to suggest that it can be used to cure illnesses. Due to its wide usage, it can easily be sold for cash at a later date when its value has risen if required.

Where Can I Buy American Silver Buffalo Rounds?

Many dealers supply American Silver Buffalo Rounds, however we advise that before you agree to a deal with a supplier, you check their reliability. As with many other industries, there are bad actors out there. Founded in 2010, Money Metals Exchange are a company with over 12 years of experience in supplying silver products to a range of customers, and this provides the guarantee you need to make the purchase. What makes Money Metals Exchange unique, is our customer service, as we aim to place our customers at the heart of our operations. Not only are we happy to sell to you, but we like to educate all of our customers in both products of gold and silver for sale we offer, helping them to buy the right product for them.

Not only do we guide customers during their purchases, but when you are ready to buy, you can be sure that Money Metals Exchange will give you a fantastic price. If you are unsure about whether or not you wish to buy from us, you can call our team of experts on 1-800-800-1865 or chat with someone online.

When you do decide to buy from Money Metals Exchange, our high-quality service continues until the product arrives with you. Shipping is always quick but it’s also free of charge if you spend over $1,000. If you do decide to buy Silver Buffalo Rounds in bulk (over 1,500 rounds), we can offer you a special price if you call us.

How do I Sell My Silver Buffalo Rounds?

If you need some extra cash, you might decide to sell your silver rounds. Alternatively, the price of silver may have increased, and you decide that now is the right time to cash in. If so, we recommend that you consider selling them to Money Metals Exchange. Not only are we happy to offer you a fantastic price for the American Buffalo Silver Round, but we are also happy to purchase silver from you when you decide you want to sell whether or not it’s been purchased from us initially. This is not true of many suppliers. So, whatever your requirements whether buying or selling, Money Metals Exchange is the company for you.