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Fractional Silver Bullion from Money Metals Exchange

Fractional Rounds, Bars & Junk Silver Bags Perfect for Barter!

Junk Silver Coins and Silver Fractionals

History is littered with the corpses of failed currencies. Sometimes the host nation was destroyed in war or revolution. Spectacular hyperinflations killed others. Governments don’t much care for borrowing and spending limited by the amount of physical metal in their vault so they float paper money instead. Eventually recklessness and overreach fueled by this lack of accountability does them in.

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Fractional Silver as an Alternative

Still, it is hard to imagine "King Dollar" meeting such a disgraceful end. But that has more to do with normalcy bias than any objective evaluation. The charts show exponential growth in debt and money creation. Confidence, the sole underpinning of the US dollar, WILL eventually break absent some extraordinary reforms.

One day Americans may find merchants reluctant to accept dollars. The next they may flat refuse. Foresighted people are preparing. Building a stash of silver to barter and trade with is an important step. Fractional sized silver coins and rounds, suitable for very small transactions such as buying a loaf of bread, fill a gap in a holding that consists only of one ounce and larger products.

The most popular fractional silver products include Pre-1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars containing 90% silver along with .999 pure silver rounds in 1/10 ounce and ½ ounce sizes. Money Metals Exchange carries them all.

The cost per ounce to fabricate silver rounds is higher for small denominations. That means higher buy premiums so investors will not want to build their entire holding with these products. However, owning some "small change" is a great idea. It could easily command additional premiums if a currency crisis leads to short supplies.

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