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Silver Bullets From Money Metals "Blow Away" the Competition

Money Metals Exchange offers replica bullets in solid .999 pure silver commemorating the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The Bullets also honor the timeless value of precious metals as real money.

You can join both foundational values together by adding your choice of our beautiful "silver bullets" to you metals holding.

.999 Fine Silver Bullets Come in Five Popular Sizes:

  • 1 Troy Oz – .45 Cal
  • 2 Troy Oz – .308 Cal
  • 5 Troy Oz – 12 Gauge
  • 10 Troy Oz – .50 Cal
  • 25 Troy Oz - 20mm

A bullet represents the power to uphold justice, stop a threat, and protect your life and property.

Money Metals is proud to offer highly realistic replicas of five classic sizes and types of ammunition - each in solid .999 pure silver.

Collect them, display them, or use them to start a conversation about two vital American traditions – the right to keep and bear arms and honest money.

Choose your favorite, or grab a few of each to add to your personal arsenal of precious metals. 

Please note: Our silver bullion “bullets” are replicas and cannot be used in firearms. However they are so realistic in appearance, we must advise against carrying them on an airplane or anywhere firearms are prohibited.

Silver Bullet – 1 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver (.45 Cal)

Our 1 oz silver silver bullet is made from .999 fine silver and is modeled after a .45 caliber round of the famed Colt 45. Order in multiples of 20 to get ’em in a full box, with each bullet set in an individual slot inside a foam sheet of 20.

The manufacturer is located right here in the US and their craftsmanship is excellent.

Silver Bullet – 2 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver (.308 Cal)

Our 2-oz pure silver replica bullets are modeled after the popular .308 caliber Winchester rifle round, commonly used for civilian hunting and target shooting. Each is made from .999 silver right here in the USA. The base of each round is marked with the silver weight (2 troy ounces) and purity.

2-oz silver bullets ship from the mint in boxes of 10, packed and protected from damage in individual pockets within a foam sheet.

Silver Shotgun Shell – 5 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver (12 Gauge)

Our 5-oz .999 pure silver replica shotgun shells are modeled after the popular 12 gauge size. Each is made right here in the USA. The base of each round is marked with the weight (5 troy ounces) and purity.

5-oz silver shotgun shells ship from the mint in boxes of 5, packed and protected from damage in individual pockets within a foam sheet.

Silver Bullet – 10 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver (.50 Cal)

Each silver .50-cal replica bullet is carefully crafted on a lathe. Modeled after a Browning Machine Gun round, these hefty 10 oz. bullets make a big statement!

The Browning .50 cal machine gun, or M2, has been used extensively by the United States from the 1930s to the present. It has been in use longer than any other firearm in U.S. inventory except the .45 ACP M1911 pistol, also designed by John Browning. It is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO, and has been used by many other countries as well.

Silver Bullet – 25 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver (20mm)

These massive 20mm rounds are incredibly imposing. 20mm has often been considered the cut-off between weapons classified as a machine gun and those classified as a cannon. This caliber has been used by militaries around the world against large, and often armored, targets - tanks, buildings and aircraft. The 20mm bullet is .787 inches in diameter.

These genuine silver bullets cannot be fired but they are more than capable of killing horrifying threats to your portfolio: inflation, turmoil, and the global debt crisis. Grab some of these beautiful silver bullets and arm yourself today!

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