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Innovative, spendable pure gold bullion!

The Goldback is the world’s first voluntary, spendable, interchangeable, small denomination, physical gold.

Live Gold Price
$1,878.80 -2.35

As low as: $3.78

As low as: $3.78

As low as: $3.78

As low as: $3.78

The technology to mint gold into a spendable form for small transactions has come to fruition. Goldbacks may be used almost anywhere in the world for barter transactions. The Goldback utilizes cutting edge vacuum deposition technology to circulate gold as it never has before.

Some people feel like there may come a day when regular fiat currency will no longer retain much value due to some economic, political, or natural disaster. Over the past century hundreds of fiat currencies have had their values wiped out. For this reason, many people hold some amount of gold and silver.

However, it may be difficult to spend a theoretical $3,000 gold coin or even an $80 silver coin for the purchase of toilet paper if an EMP blast wipes out the power grid for several months. It makes sense to keep a portion of this hedge in Goldbacks.

The Utah series was the first Goldback series available in 2019. Nevada was released in 2020, and New Hampshire was released in 2021. There are many projects in the works. Goldbacks may be used anywhere people chose to accept gold.

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