Goldbacks - Innovative, spendable pure gold bullion!

Goldbacks: A Small Denomination Form of Gold

In a world where the economy and financial systems are constantly in flux, the need for a stable and reliable form of currency is more critical than ever. With the devaluation of the dollar and the instability of traditional currencies, the Goldback joins gold coins, bars, and rounds as a beacon of security and value.

Why Goldbacks?

Each Goldback is a physical note containing real gold in varying denominations, making them a form of bullion that can be held in your wallet. From Utah to Nevada, and extending to Wyoming, South Dakota, and New Hampshire, these gold notes have gained popularity as a symbol of sound money.

Despite their incorporation of state names, please note that Goldbacks are not actually issued by any state. 

The premiums per ounce on Goldbacks are higher than more cost-efficient forms of gold, including even small gold coins, bars, and rounds.  For those primarily seeking exposure to gold, we do not recommend putting money into Goldbacks as an investment.

Goldback Design and Symbolism

Each state's Goldback series boasts a distinct design and portrait that symbolize the state's heritage and values. The Utah Goldback, for instance, features designs that pay homage to the state's rich history and values, while the Nevada Goldback carries symbols representing the Silver State's legacy. These designs aren't just for show; they're a testament to the Goldback's value and the craftsmanship behind each note.

Goldbacks may be accepted by businesses in a few states and individuals as a form of currency payment. As alluded to above, the use of state names and images on Goldbacks is simply a marketing tactic and a commemoration of sound money policies held in those respective states. The inclusion of state names should not be viewed as any form of state backing.

Denominations for Every Need

Goldbacks come in various denominations to suit any transaction or commerce need. Whether you’re looking for a small denomination for daily purchases or larger bills for significant investments, Goldbacks have you covered. The denominations range from 1 to 50, each representing a different amount of gold content, measured in 1/1000th of a troy ounce increments.

1 Nevada Goldback - Caritas

1 New Hampshire Goldback - Gratia

1 South Dakota Goldback - Pax

1 Utah Goldback - Prudentiea

1 Wyoming Goldback - Reverentia

5 Nevada Goldback - Sophia

5 New Hampshire Goldback - Veritas

5 South Dakota Goldback - Industria

5 Utah Goldback - Veritas

5 Wyoming Goldback - Audentia

10 Nevada Goldback - Justitia

10 New Hampshire Goldback - Prospicientia

10 South Dakota Goldback - Harmonia

10 Utah Goldback - Justitia

10 Wyoming Goldback - Fiducia

25 Nevada Goldback - Fortitudine

25 New Hampshire Goldback - Fortitudine

25 South Dakota Goldback - Laurea

25 Utah Goldback - Victoria

25 Wyoming Goldback - Fidelitas

50 Nevada Goldback - Libertas

50 South Dakota Goldback - Libertas

50 Wyoming Goldback - Libertas

50 New Hampshire Goldback - Libertas

50 Utah Goldback - Libertas

A Collectible and an Investment

Not only are Goldbacks a practical form of currency in certain situations, but they are also collectible. Each series and denomination has its own unique design, making them desirable for collectors. Their gold content makes them a sound investment, especially in times of inflation when traditional currencies lose value.

Ease of Use and Storage

Carrying and storing Goldbacks is as easy as dealing with traditional paper money. They fit perfectly in your wallet, and their durable design ensures they withstand daily use. For those looking to stack or store larger amounts, Goldbacks are easily manageable and don't require the space that gold coins or bars might. You can also store your Goldbacks in the Money Metals Depository.

Goldbacks vs. Traditional Bullion

While silver coins and gold bars have been the go-to for many bullion investors, Goldbacks offer one advantage – they combine the investment benefits of bullion with the convenience of paper money.

Another advantage of the Goldback is its 1/1000th of an ounce of gold making it a great, low-cost, entry point for those getting started in investing in gold.

Protecting Against Inflation

With rising inflation rates, protecting your wealth becomes a priority. Goldbacks offer a hedge against inflation, as the value of gold typically increases when the dollar’s value decreases. 

Bringing Gold into Everyday Transactions

The beauty of the Goldback lies in the idea that it -- like gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds -- can be a practical medium for daily commerce. Their slim, banknote-like form factor means you can carry and use gold as easily as carrying a dollar bill, but with the added confidence of holding a globally recognized store of value - gold.

Expanding Across States

With unique designs for each state – from the eagle in South Dakota to the symbol of liberty in New Hampshire – Goldbacks are not just a spendable form of gold, but a celebration of American heritage and values. As more states join the movement, the acceptance and recognition of Goldbacks continue to grow.

Versatility in Usage

Whether it's paying for goods and services or adding to your collection, Goldbacks offer versatility. In select states, a few hundred businesses accept Goldbacks, recognizing their value and appeal to customers who prefer transactions in sound money.

How to Get Goldbacks

Purchasing Goldbacks is straightforward. Goldbacks are available through Money Metals Exchange. With options for shipping across the U.S. and territories, adding Goldbacks to your wallet, collection, or investment portfolio is just a few clicks away.

Sell Your Goldbacks

Money Metals Exchange buys Goldbacks from anyone in the United States. To find out how much you can receive for your Goldback, find the particular Goldback you have on our website and press the blue button that says “Click Here to Sell to us.” You can also call our customer service phone number at: 1-800-800-1865

Goldbacks for Financial Security

In conclusion, Goldbacks represent another step forward in the world of precious metals. They offer a blend of utility, beauty, investment value, and financial security. 

Don’t wait for the economy to dictate the value of your savings. Take control, diversify your portfolio, and add a few Goldbacks to your holdings with the help of Money Metals Exchange. Order yours today!


With their unique combination of precious metal value and practical usability, Goldbacks offer an innovative approach to monetary exchange.

Whether you're looking to diversify your forms of gold and silver, engage in small transactions, or simply own a piece of beautifully crafted gold, Goldbacks provide on solution. 

Seize the opportunity to grab a few of these with these unusual and valuable pieces.

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