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Money Metals Podcast

Fed Considers New Interventions as Bond Markets Tumbles

March 5th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

As financial markets sold off this week, precious metals got dragged down in the selling. The culprit, once again, was rising bond yields.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Fed Grilled about Its Unsound Currency, Digital Currency Schemes

February 26th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

As financial markets gyrated this week, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell touted the U.S. dollar as a form of “sound money.” More on that incredible take in a moment.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Inflation Heats Up but Gold Prices Cool

February 19th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

Spot gold prices are down 2.3% since last Friday’s close to trade at $1,790 an ounce as of this Friday recording. During this week’s selloff, gold revisited its lows from last November. A support level exists at $1,750, but momentum selling could take… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Platinum, Copper, and Silver Take Center Stage

February 12th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

Attention in the metals markets shifted this week from silver to copper and platinum. While big moves in silver and gold prices may be coming down the road, the monetary metals are currently taking a back seat to electrical and automotive metals.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Is a Slow Motion Silver Squeeze Underway?

February 5th, 2021
Interview with: Stefan Gleason

Coming up we’ll hear part of an enlightening and comprehensive interview of Money Metals president Stefan Gleason on Arcadia Economics regarding the recent fireworks in the silver market, the shortage of physical supply of minted coins, rounds and bars,… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Internet Mob Eyes Silver Short Sellers, Orders Skyrocket

January 29th, 2021

The big story wasn’t the Federal Reserve’s policy announcement or any other actions by central planners. Instead, all eyes were on a loosely connected group of traders who gather on internet discussion boards to plot purchases of depressed stocks such… Keep Reading

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