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Silver Only Starter Portfolio

Silver Only Starter Portfolio
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Free Shipping on any order of $500 or more (plus get a one free Silver Eagle if you buy $5,000+) throughout the month of April!

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1 - 4 $82.46 $82.46
Total Price: 82.46
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Quickly and easily purchase a mix of our most recommended products. Our Silver Only Portfolio Contains 4 Oz of Fine Silver:

  • (1) American Silver Eagle
  • (1) Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • (1) 1 Oz Walking Liberty
  • (1) Half Oz Walking Liberty
  • (5) 1/10th Oz Walking Libertys

We designed this portfolio around three main principles:

  1. They include the most popular and widely traded bullion products. This means the products are liquid - you will be able to instantly sell and command the fairest price when you are ready.
  2. We've selected items with a low "bid/ask spread". This "spread" is the difference between the price you pay to buy and the price you receive to sell – i.e. your transaction costs. The lower those are, the happier you will be.
  3. This portfolio includes some smaller-sized silver products that are suitable for barter and trade in a currency crisis. It is hard to imagine the US dollar completely collapsing. But it cannot be ruled out. Fiat currencies backed by irresponsible governments have a 100% failure rate throughout history. So we recommend having some fractional size coins and rounds.

This Pre-Made Portfolio contains silver only. Silver looks like an extraordinary value right now so we recommend investors overweight the white metal.

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By ALBERT A. on November 8th, 2015

The silver starter set is a fantastic opportunity to begin your precious metals portfolio. Save it as an investment or piece it out as gifts to loved ones. In any event, silver is a great investment.

Starter Kit - Great Idea

By Ronald E. on August 3rd, 2015

Just received my Starter Portfolio. A really great idea. I will buy more of these. I like the diversity of the silver products. Makes for great gifts, especially for my grand daughters.