Austrlian Kangaroo Gold Coins

The gold industry in Australia is integral to the nation’s identity. When Edward Hargraves discovered gold in New South Wales in 1851, he could not have imagined the significance of his findings. A series of gold rushes followed. By the 1850s, the town of Victoria produced significant amounts of the world’s gold.

The series of gold rushes that followed Hargreaves’ discovery drove significant population growth and a booming economy. By 1855, Australia had its own official government mint, signifying the nation’s ability to operate independently from Britain.

Why Purchase Australian Gold Coins?

Australia’s gold rush kick-started its economy and established an industry. The nation’s gold coins and bars for sale are sold worldwide, with a reputation for excellence.

1 Oz Gold Australian Kangaroo Coins

Investors can get a piece of Australia’s wealth in gold in a variety of bullion products. These include gold bullion coins such as the ‘Gold Nugget’ and ‘Gold Kangaroo.’

Australia’s Perth Mint also produces a large selection of interesting commemorative coins making them a popular choice for any collector’s portfolio.

The Perth Mint specializes in beautifully made coins with unique and fun designs - often featuring some of Australia’s iconic animals - including the Kangaroo, Koala, Platypus, and Kookaburra. Virtually all products are minted using .9999 pure gold, and individually sealed in clear, hard, plastic capsules.

What are Australian Gold Coins?

Australian gold coins are minted exclusively by the Perth Mint. The mint is owned and operated by the government of Western Australia. It has been converting gold from Australian mines into beautiful coins since 1899.

The Australian gold coins are legal tender in Australia, meaning they can be used for financial transactions. While they can be spent as money, the denominated value is far below the coin’s actual worth. People buy gold coins primarily for investment purposes or to add to a collection.

Australian coins, like other popular gold products from around the world, should be considered as a hedge against inflation and wealth preservation - particularly in the event of an economic catastrophe.

Why is Gold So Valuable?

Gold is an extremely valuable metal because of its durability, its beauty, and its thousands of years of history serving as money.

Of all the metals, gold has the highest corrosion resistance. It is malleable and extraordinarily beautiful - making it ideal for applications in jewelry and coinage.

Why Choose Australian Gold Coins Over Gold Rounds or Bars?

Gold coins are a popular choice for many investors and collectors because they are trusted. Australian coins carry status as legal tender and weight and purity is guaranteed by the issuing government. They are just as popular as US gold coins and make a great addition to any stack.

The attractive designs which appear on Australian gold coins (the gold kangaroo changes its design every year) also make the collection of the nation’s gold coins fun and interesting. Popular designs include symbols traditionally associated with Australian culture, such as kookaburras and the koala.

Why Choose Gold Over Silver?

Gold is a good choice for investors who want less price volatility than that which often accompanies silver. Perhaps the investment time horizon is shorter, or the investment is held in a retirement portfolio where a lower risk profile is appropriate. Gold has a better track record of holding its value when precious metals prices are falling.

Gold is also considered to be the ultimate “monetary” metal. Unlike silver, gold does not have a large industrial demand component. Its price, therefore, can be considered more closely correlated with its role as an alternative money. Central banks almost exclusively hold reserves in gold, rather than silver.

But if you're like many investors and still want to have silver bullion in your holdings, you can learn more about the variety of silver coins for sale.

How Do You Buy Australian Gold Coins?

Australian gold coins are available from Money Metals Exchange as well as other dealers throughout the world. As always, it is wise to do a bit of due diligence on any dealer before making a purchase. You want to choose a firm with an outstanding reputation and competitive prices. A simple internet search should provide the information you need.

Money Metals Exchange makes the purchase of Australian gold coins easy. We publish live prices and offer clients the ability to order online, by phone, or by chat. Our pricing on the Perth Mint’s most popular products, including the Australian Kangaroo 1 oz coin and the Lunar series coins is second to none.

How Do You Sell Australian Gold Coins?

Should you need to sell your Australian gold coins, Money Metal Exchange makes that process easy as well. Simply call, chat, or visit us online and we will happily guide you through the selling process, providing up-to-the-minute pricing which sellers can lock at any time.

When buying, we recommend that you thoroughly vet the company you plan to deal with. You want to be sure they will follow through on their commitment to pay promptly and treat you fairly.

When you choose Money Metal Exchange, you can expect us to live up to our reputation. We make payments immediately upon receipt of your metals and in the manner of your choosing. And you will find our purchasing power - meaning our ability to buy in large quantities at higher prices - is much greater than most coin shops.

Money Metal Exchange will buy regardless of whether the client purchased the coins from us originally or if the coins were acquired elsewhere.

When Should You Sell Your Australian Gold Coins?

The time to sell any investment is when the fundamental reasons for buying it in the first place have changed. Gold investors typically buy the metal as a hedge against devaluing currency, and for wealth preservation during periods of economic and political turmoil.

Unfortunately, we live in an inflationary age with governments around the world borrowing and printing without restraint. That is unlikely to change any time soon. And there is always a need for crisis protection. No country is immune from war and upheaval.

Individual investors may also have personal circumstances which can prompt them to sell metals. A need to raise cash quickly, an alternative investment for which funds are needed - there are any number of reasons. Regardless of why you might be selling, Money Metals Exchange is ready to buy your coins.


Due to their popularity and international recognition, Australian gold coins are a great choice for collectors and investors looking to start or add to, a bullion investment. Gold is a prominent piece of Australia’s history. The Perth Mint produces beautifully made, and well-recognized coins. And their coins will serve any investor well. They offer low premiums and they are easy to buy and easy to sell.

If you have additional questions on Australian gold coins or other gold items like gold bars, please contact Money Metals Exchange today.