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The Versatility of Silver Building Blocks: How to Use Them to Create Unique and Lasting Structures for All Ages

What are silver building blocks?

Silver building blocks are silver fractional bars with each silver bar item typically weighing a Troy ounce or less while consisting of .999 fine silver purity. Each silver block is stamped with the weight in Troy ounces (Troy oz, or OZT), and “999 Fine Silver” or “999 FS.” The most popular brand has on the bottom of the bricks the repeated monarch crown logo with a ‘P’ as the crown jewel.

Silver Building Blocks (Various)

The intent behind the silver building block bars is to have a fun and encouraging way of collecting silverbars while securely stacking them. In the industry of silver and other precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, people often speak about “stacking” their metals. This refers to the literal stacking and saving of precious metals, while the silver building blocks take it more literally by stacking with interlocking parts of the designed bricks. The interlocking feature enables a collector or investor to save space in their safe, vault, or storage.

The tops of the stackable, interlocking, silver blocks have what are known as studs or knobs. These features are what connect to the bottoms of other blocks. On the bottom side of the silver blocks are what are called tubes or antistuds. The studs on top of the silver blocks are inserted into the tubes on the bottom of another silver block, securely locking them in place to allow for an interconnected design of the stack artist’s choice.

There are silver bricks that have a configuration of 2 rows of 4 studs (8 total) and 2 rows of 2 (4 total). Some silver block sets also offer silver plates which are thinner versions of the bricks that also have studs on top and tubes on the bottom to allow for interlocking and stacking.

With the continuous increase in precious metals values and the deterioration of the U.S. dollar, more people are investing in and collecting precious metals like silver building blocks. Precious metals have a natural store of value that helps an investor hedge against monetary inflation and price inflation.

It is quite common these days to see people stacking their precious metals, silver bullion, silver bullion rounds, 100 ounce silver bars, bullion coins, and silver building blocks on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and X (Twitter). Be sure to follow Money Metals Exchange on social media!

Silver building blocks are occasionally used in classrooms and homeschooling environments to help children learn the importance of precious metals and sound money. Hands-on learning with these silver blocks also encourages learning math, science, and engineering concepts (STEAM friendly).

Some varieties are sold in sets of various sizes and shapes, allowing children and adults alike to create more complex structures. Silver building blocks are most commonly used to construct towers, castles, and other creative structures.

Silver building blocks are compatible with other popular construction toys such as LEGO ® and K'nex ®. Although these silver building blocks, or bricks, look similar to the name brand products of LEGO ® and K’nex ®, these silver building blocks are not related to Legos or any other.

Silver building blocks make for fantastic gift ideas for the master builder kids and adults looking to invest in precious metal items to hedge against inflation and build long-term wealth.

Who makes silver building blocks?

The market leader and company producing silver building blocks is Monarch Precious Metals© (MPM), founded in Medford, Oregon, in 2008. Alongside MPM, renowned manufacturers like Geiger Edelmetalle are known for their high-quality silver products, including Geiger silver bars and silver gram bars. These manufacturers ensure that silver building blocks, as well as silver gram bars, not only serve as unique collectibles but also as reliable forms of silver investment. The diversity in products like silver building blocks and silver gram bars caters to a wide range of collectors and investors, each looking for something different in their silver acquisitions.

What are their sizes and dimensions?

  • 10 ounce building block - 2x4 - 3.20” (L) x 1.60” (W) x 0.40” (H)

Sets may include the following:

  • A quantity of 40 half-ounce, one-fourth ounce, and one-eighth-ounce blocks, totaling 12 ounces.

  • A quantity of 120 one-ounce blocks, totaling 120 ounces.

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