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What are Copper Bars?

Copper bars, or copper bullion, are a way to invest in one of the world's most useful and widely used metals. Humanity has used copper for thousands of years, both in industry and in coinage. Copper is always in demand.

The copper used in various industries like construction and electrical is generally not pure, as opposed to our .999 copper bars. Industrial copper wire, bars, and plates are made from a variety of copper alloys. There are numerous formulations to suit a huge number of applications.

Pure copper bullion bars are marked with weight and purity and are intended for both barter and investment. Buyers and sellers don't need to guess about the alloy and they won't need a scale to determine the weight.

Bullion copper bars feature designs and often have a mint mark from the manufacturer. The value is comparable to other copper products, including rounds.

Most bullion copper bars come in a 1-avoirdupois (AVDP) ounce size. That makes copper different than gold or silver where troy weight is the standard.

Bars are also purchased as collectibles and for gifts because they are inexpensive relative to gold or silver.

Copper has a higher value than most base metals. While it is not exactly a precious metal, it is more feasible for investors to hold a significant position in physical bars.

Thanks to its lengthy history and wide utility, copper can be a reliable store of value. 

Copper Bar Sizes

Copper bar sizes vary. You can get different weights depending on how you want to invest. Bars are available as small as a gram and as large as ten pounds. Between those sizes, you can get ten grams, one-ounce, half-pound, and one-pound pure bars. The most popular size, by far, is the 1-ounce.

Measurements are determined by bar weight. The average one-ounce copper bar measures approximately 1.5" in length, 1" in width, and 1/8" thick. Meanwhile, a one-pound bar may measure up to 5 inches long.

Large bars are more challenging to handle and store. If you buy these bars in bulk, you will want to think carefully about storage.

As with purchasing many items, the quantity ordered will impact the cost. Purchasing higher quantities of copper bars can reduce the cost per ounce. 

Copper Bar Designs

Copper bars can come with beautiful designs engraved on the top. These designs may be less elaborate than those found on coins or copper rounds.

Designs can include images of historical figures like former presidents, historical landmarks, national symbols, and engravings resembling those of currency, like the $500 Banknote Copper Bar featuring William McKinley. Note that while bars may carry designs resembling those used on current or former bank notes or coins, these bars are not intended for, nor can they be used as currency.

In addition to a decorative image, copper bullion bars feature the mintmark, weight, and purity. Investors can quickly calculate a bar's value using copper spot prices. 

Copper bullion bars generally do not command a premium as collectibles, regardless of the design. While that may change over time, it is not something investors should count on. 

Are Copper Bars a Good Investment?

People have used copper since leaving the stone age. It is extraordinarily useful in several applications, including money. Demand is high and continually rising as the population grows and as the industry finds new uses. At the same time, the copper supply is limited. There is only so much copper available in the Earth's crust and large deposits are harder and harder to find.

That said, copper does have a much lower unit value than gold or silver. One ramification is the cost of fabricating a 1-oz copper bar becomes a significant portion of the bar's price.  Currently, the copper content of a bar is valued at less than the minting cost.

Copper is far easier to store than most industrial metals because the price per unit is higher. An investor spending $1000 on copper bars will need to handle and store a couple of boxes weighing roughly 40 lbs each. An equivalent investment in other base metals could mean bars weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Copper tarnishes easily, it is helpful to keep it in a cool, dry space. 

Where to Buy Copper Bars

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