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What are Copper Bars?

Copper bars, or copper bullion, are a way to invest in physical metals at a low cost compared to other precious metals. Humanity has used copper for thousands of years, which means it is always in demand.

The copper used in various industries like construction and electrical is not the same as that used copper bars. While we combine industry copper with other metals, copper bars are .999 pure. That level of purity means they retain their value over time.

Copper bars sometimes feature designs on the face, and their value is comparable to coins and rounds. They come in many sizes and are often purchased as collectibles as well as for personal investment purposes. Some companies now consider copper a precious metal, too, which adds to its value.

Thanks to its lengthy history, cooper is a more secure investment choice than many other types of metals like gold or palladium. You can resell copper bars at any time, and if you buy in bulk, you typically pay less per bar.

Copper Bar Sizes

Copper bar sizes vary. You can get different weights depending on how you want to invest. Bars are available as small as a gram and as large as ten pounds. Between those sizes, you can get ten gram-, one ounce-, half-pound-, and one-pound pure bars.

Measurements are determined by bar weight. The average one-ounce copper bar measures approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 mm thick. Meanwhile, a one-pound bar may measure up to 5 inches long.

Large bars are more challenging to store, which means that if you buy these bars in bulk, you likely don’t want to keep them in your home where they may not be secure. In these cases, it’s best to store them in a vault, especially if you purchase through a company that offers safe storage options.

The size of the bar also affects the cost. While purchasing higher quantities of copper bars can reduce the cost per bar, you also need to think about how much copper you’re getting for your money. Larger bars may offer you an overall better price from some companies, but it can be challenging to invest in those quantities.

Copper Bar Designs

Copper bars can come with beautiful designs engraved on the top. These designs are usually less elaborate than those found on coins or copper rounds, and the simpler designs contribute to their lower prices.

Designs can include images of historical figures like former presidents, historical landmarks, national symbols, and engravings resembling those of currency, like the $500 Banknote Copper Bar featuring William McKinley. However, even with designs depicting current or former currency, copper bars are not intended for, nor can they be used as circulated currency.

Sometimes the designs on the bars only feature the mintmark, weight, and purity so the investor can quickly determine how much that particular bar is worth. Though, if you have copper bars with more complex designs, those bars may be worth more.

The more detailed or rare the design, the higher the value, as these become more desirable by collectors. Additionally, some copper bar designs are more popular than others, and the various images make these bars excellent gifts for history-lovers.

Are Copper Bars a Good Investment?

The short answer is yes. Because people have used copper for so long, there is no danger of the demand falling as dramatically as metals people invest in more for rarity, like gold and silver. At the same time, because the demand is so high—and continually rising as more industries find new uses for it—copper is now considered by some to be a precious metal due to its increasing scarcity.

Copper bars have the same level of purity as coins and rounds, but investing in bars is more cost-effective. Because the designs are less intricate and production costs are lower, they cost less to invest in, even with equal purity. Copper is one of the most affordable metals that still has an appreciating value, especially as the copper supply drops. Experts predict that the demand for copper will continue to rise despite its falling supply—a positive omen for investors.

It is also relatively easy to store. While many companies offer storage options for your copper investments, you can also keep it in your home under the proper conditions. Copper tarnishes easily, which is why it’s essential to keep it in a cool, dry space. If you do that, you’ll protect your investment for years until you’re ready to sell.

Where to Buy Copper Bars

You can buy copper bars right here at Money Metals Exchange. We know how much copper is currently worth and how to predict its continually climbing market value. Copper is a long-term investment, and when you purchase from us, you have plenty of options.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we’ve been voted best in the USA when it comes to bullion dealers. Our metals are of the highest quality, and we can help you store them if you want to protect your investment.

For only $96 per year, we’ll house your copper in our secure Class III vault in Idaho. Our Money Metals Depository is a safe place to store and insure your metals. Your copper bars stay separate from the bank’s stock, and they can’t be used or sold by anyone but you.

We have several payment options, including credit cards, check, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible bullion dealers for collectors and investors alike. When you buy copper from Money Metals Exchange, you get a low-risk investment in a flourishing market.

You pay nothing when we ship your metals, whether that means sending them to your home or our storage facility. With us, you know you’re getting the best prices on copper bars. If you have questions about your investment or our services, contact us at 1-800-800-1865.

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