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These free precious metals guides will help you make better investing decisions with cutting edge strategies and techniques.

The Best Way to Buy Gold & Silver [Free Buying Guide]

The Best Way to Buy Gold and Silver

Precious Metals Specialists at Money Metals Exchange field lots of great questions from customers who are new to buying physical bullion online. One of the biggest is "What should I buy?"

5 Proven Bullion Methods to Test Gold & Silver at Home

How to Test Gold & Silver at Home: 5 Proven Bullion Testing Methods

Just about all bullion investors worry about counterfeits. Those concerns are magnified when someone is buying for the first time.

Should You Buy Morgan Silver Dollars? / Silver Investing Alert

Rare Coin Rip-Off Alert: Morgan Silver Dollars

Casual investors looking for a recommendation on what type of silver to buy will often hear the same answer from a typical coin dealer, that being, "well Morgan Dollars, of course." But sadly, accumulating these historic U.S. silver bullion coins often ends up being a big mistake.

Three Lies About Rare Coins & Their Values

Three Lies Used to Lure Buyers into Paying High Prices for "Rare" Coins

We regularly take calls from Money Metals customers who have been bamboozled and taken for a ride by one of the many rare coin (or numismatic) dealers and their extortionately high prices. Generally it's the same sad tale.

IRA-accepted precious metals - Money Metals Exchange

IRA-accepted precious metals

Precious Metals Ira Investment Guide with Examples of Allowable Precious Metals for an IRA. Money Metals Exchange protects your privacy. The “IRA Approved” items at MoneyMetals.com are accepted by all of the major IRA custodians/depositories and meet the IRS requirements.

Sound Money Index: Gold & Silver Laws in 2021

Sound Money Index: Everything You Need to Know About Gold & Silver Laws in 2021

The 2021 Sound Money Index is the first index of its kind, ranking all 50 states using twelve indicators to determine which states offer the most pro-sound money environment in the country.

What is Junk silver - Money Metals Exchange

What is Junk silver

Silver all but vanished from U.S. coinage in 1965. Prior to then, U.S. dimes, quarters and fifty cent pieces were made of 90% silver. After 1964, only Kennedy half dollars contained any silver at all (though it was reduced to 40%). These coins were minted until 1970, when they too were converted to copper clad with nickel.

Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency - Money Metals Exchange

Guide to Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

When you think of cryptocurrency, you most likely think of the digital currency you trade via online platforms. Gold-backed cryptocurrency is similar in that you can buy and sell it digitally, but there’s more to it.

Gold Loan Interest Rate - Money Metals Exchange

Interest Rate for Gold Loans

Previously, you had to go to a pawn shop or gold dealer to get a loan secured by your bullion. However, there are few companies (including banks) that offer affordable loans based on the value of your precious metals, and Money Metals has the best, most cost-efficient program in the U.S.

Density of Gold - Guide to Gold Density - Money Metals Exchange

Guide to Gold Density - Density of Gold

Gold is one of the most sought-after precious metals in the world. For centuries, gold miners have risked their lives searching for even the smallest pebble-sized nuggets. Its unique properties, including malleability and conductivity, have made it a desirable metal to have in many industries despite its rarity. It's also popular with metals investors.

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