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Precious Metals Education Center

These free precious metals guides will help you make better investing decisions with cutting edge strategies and techniques.

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Building a Precious Metal Portfolio That's Right for You

Precious Metals Specialists at Money Metals Exchange field lots of great questions from customers who are new to buying physical bullion. One of the biggest is "What should I buy?"

5 Proven Bullion Methods to Test Gold & Silver at Home

How to Test Gold & Silver at Home: 5 Proven Bullion Testing Methods

Just about all bullion investors worry about counterfeits. Those concerns are magnified when someone is buying for the first time.

Should You Buy Morgan Silver Dollars? / Silver Investing Alert

Rare Coin Rip-Off Alert: Morgan Silver Dollars

Casual investors looking for a recommendation on what type of silver to buy will often hear the same answer from a typical coin dealer, that being, "well Morgan Dollars, of course." But sadly, accumulating these historic U.S. silver coins often ends up being a big mistake.

Numismatic Coins vs Bullion

Numismatic (or Rare) Coins vs. Bullion

Precious metals investors who make the decision to protect their hard-earned savings from inflation and financial turmoil are quickly confronted with the next choice – what form to buy.

Three Lies About Rare Coins & Their Values

Three Lies Used to Lure Buyers into Paying High Prices for "Rare" Coins

We regularly take calls from Money Metals customers who have been bamboozled and taken for a ride by one of the many rare coin (or numismatic) dealers and their extortionately high prices. Generally it's the same sad tale.

American Silver Eagle: The Most Popular Bullion Coin in the World

American Silver Eagle Coins

Did you know that the US only has one official investment-grade silver coin? The US Mint introduced American Silver Eagle bullion coins, minted with .999 fine silver, in 1986. Today they are the most popular silver coin in the world. Investors bought 40 - 50 million of them in recent years.

How to Clean Silver Coins: 7 Steps to Safely Restore Your Tarnished Items

How to Clean Silver Coins Without Damaging Them in 7 Simple Steps

This simple method of cleaning silver with a small list of supplies can brighten up almost any tarnished silver. Not all tarnish can be removed, but this technique often works wonders.

Bitcoin vs. Gold: Which is the Better Investment?

Gold vs. Bitcoin

Which is a better investment: Bitcoin or Gold? Money Metals Exchange Compares the Similarities of Bitcoin and Gold, Giving a Balanced Analysis of Each. Make a more informed decision about protecting your wealth.

The South African Krugerrand, King of Gold Bullion Coins

Why the Krugerrand Is the King of Gold Bullion Coins

The Krugerrand can be considered the king of one ounce gold bullion coins. Investors instantly recognize the Krugerrand and its value.

Gold and Silver Storage – You Have Many Options

Gold and Silver Storage – You Have Many Options!

You own it. Do you know how to store silver and gold securely? Secure precious metal storage is important given that thefts of valuables are on the increase – and will continue to be as gold and silver prices rise and the economy sinks.