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Gold Rounds from Money Metals Exchange

Gold Rounds

Gold rounds are a great, low-cost addition to any investor’s holding. Buyers get the same attractive minted finish and appearance of US mint coins, including markings for weight and purity, but save money by avoiding the higher premiums associated with coins produced by sovereign (government) mints. Rounds are made by private mints who charge significantly less.

Rounds have no face value, and they are not legal tender which means they cannot be spent. However, in practice that will not matter a great deal. Sovereign coins carry a face value far below the value of their metal content. The 1-ounce Gold American Eagle series, for example, has a face value of a mere $50. With gold trading well north of $1000 per ounce (at the time of writing), the ability to “spend” that coin for $50 worth of merchandise is not useful.

Many buyers prefer rounds because they can get more metal for their money.

Rounds Are Cheaper, But What Are Some Other Reasons To Buy Them?

Gold rounds are pure metal as opposed to some coins which are alloyed with a bit of copper and/or silver. Both coins and rounds are always priced based on their actual precious metal content, so purity is not a major consideration. However, many buyers prefer .999+ pure metal for simplicity. No calculation is required to determine the gold content.

Rounds can also be easier to value because they are marked with their weight and purity, while many gold bullion coins are not. The pre-1933 US 1-oz gold coin and British Sovereign are examples of coins for which the gold weight must be looked up and memorized.

Despite being made by private mints, rounds are widely traded and trusted in the bullion markets. They are easy to buy and will be easy to sell when the time comes. So whether it's gold mint coins, rounds, or bars, they will all be easy to trade.

How Do I Buy Gold Rounds?

Money Metals Exchange makes buying gold rounds easy. Customers can visit to view live gold prices and compare. Orders can be placed online, via chat, or by phone.

If you have questions about the product or the markets you can call and instantly get a knowledgeable and helpful specialist to answer them. We also respond quickly via email or chat.

Money Metals will lock your purchase price when you place your order and send a confirmation via email right away. Customers can make payments via personal check, money order, credit card, bank wire, or Bitcoin. Orders are shipped, fully insured, as soon as payments are received and cleared and customers receive tracking information so they can keep an eye on their shipment.

When you buy gold from Money Metals Exchange, we guarantee every product for weight and purity. We are committed to offering great prices, excellent service, and prompt shipment. Check our reputation online to see what customers are saying about us.

How Do I Sell Gold Rounds?

Selling your gold rounds to Money Metals Exchange is as easy as buying. Call or visit us online to lock your sell price. We’ll provide a confirmation and send instructions for shipping the metal. You will receive payment promptly after we receive your items. We can make payment by check or via an electronic credit to your checking or savings account. You can also sell gold bars to Money Metals for a competitive offer.

Money Metals Exchange publishes both the price to buy and the price to sell each product live. Our buy prices are among the best in the industry and we buy products from everyone - regardless of whether a person has purchased from us or not.

When Should I Sell Gold Rounds?

We won’t recommend selling until solutions have been found to the vast structural problems that have been driving metals prices higher. Massive federal debts and deficits will need to be reduced. The Federal Reserve must stop devaluing the US dollar with money creation and low-interest rates. And reform must come to the banks and institutions which comprise our modern financial system. They rely upon endless credit expansion and widespread fraud and must instead practice restraint and ethical dealing.

Of course, the fundamentals above aren’t the only consideration when it comes to choosing when to sell. Some investors will trade gold for best price silver rounds when silver prices look cheap relative to gold (and vice versa). They may also sell gold in order to raise capital for another investment opportunity.

Investors may also run into an emergency and need cash for an unexpected expense.

There are many legitimate reasons to sell. Money Metals stands ready to buy gold rounds and any of the other bullion products we carry whenever you decide the time is right. One of the best reasons to own gold and silver bullion is that it can be instantly and easily converted to cash at its full value.

Gold Rounds – A Good Investment?

Gold rounds are the perfect way to begin a holding, or add to an existing portfolio because investors can never go wrong buying gold for less. Contact Money Metals Exchange today to lock pricing on some beautiful gold rounds - you’ll be glad you did.