Other World Mints Gold Coins

Money Metals Exchange proudly offers beautiful gold coins, rounds and pure gold bars from around the world. We select carefully select items from the best mints and refineries to provide our customers with the value they expect. Each item must be:

  • Beautiful
  • Well-made
  • Affordable and Low-Premium
  • Trusted and Widely Traded

The Austrian Philharmonic gold, for example, is a perfect example of the standards above. The coin pays homage to the famed Vienna Philharmonic and the Musikverein concert hall. The Austrian Mint is renowned for crafting superb quality coins coveted by investors virtually everywhere. Yet gold philharmonics are very competitively priced with other top selling bullion coins including the 1 oz American Gold Eagles and Maple Leaf. Buyers can add interest to their holding without paying big premiums.

Whether it is the Philharmonic, the South African Krugerrand, the British Sovereign any of our other products from around the globe you can buy with confidence. Start building your beautiful and unique collection of world gold today!

Another great coin is the gold Chinese Panda coin. Minted as the official bullion coin of the People's Republic of China, the Panda has been growing in popularity as China's influence around the world rises.

Each coin's obverse carries the giant panda - one of the world's most adored animals. The reverse features an image of the Temple of Heaven which has stood in Beijing for more than 500 years.

Most of the coins mentioned above, also come in one ounce silver bullion options for those looking to start off small and then work their way up to gold.