MintID: Revolutionizing the Security of Precious Metals

MintID, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is founded on the principle that all investment products, especially in the precious metals domain, require a secure digital identity in the modern digital era. This led to a groundbreaking collaboration with Identiv, a titan in digital security, establishing a comprehensive authentication ecosystem for products.

This alliance has produced the inaugural NFC-encrypted, IoT-integrated gold and silver bullion worldwide, significantly advancing counterfeiting prevention in the precious metals industry.

The union with Identiv, initiated by MintID's founder, Corey Maita, after thorough global research on anti-counterfeiting, harnesses Identiv’s state-of-the-art NFC tags. Combined with MintID's app, this facilitates secure and instant verification of precious metals, setting a new standard in product authentication.

This initiative paves the way for MintID to extend its security solutions to luxury goods, confronting counterfeit challenges across the high-end market.

MintID Silver Highlights:

  • Enhanced Security Measures: MintID’s silver offerings are equipped with AES-128 bit encrypted NFC chips, a security benchmark unmatched in the precious metals arena. This allows users to authenticate their silver assets in real-time via MintID’s dedicated apps, significantly mitigating the risk of fraud.

  • Guaranteed Quality: Production of MintID silver items is confined to ISO: 9001 accredited mints, sourced exclusively from LBMA/COMEX certified refiners, ensuring each product adheres to the highest quality and .999 fine (99.9% pure) purity standards, enhancing buyer trust.

  • Distinctive Design: MintID’s silver bullion items are not only secure but also designed to captivate collectors and investors, with their unique aesthetic and integrated NFC technology adding value beyond the raw silver content.

  • Investment Appeal: The advanced security features elevate the investment and resale appeal of MintID silver products. The easy authentication process increases their desirability and potential premium in the secondary market.

  • IRA-Compatible: MintID silver products are eligible for inclusion in precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts, offering investors a versatile precious metals option for diversifying retirement portfolios with silver while enjoying IRA tax benefits.

  • Consumer Trust: MintID is committed to bolstering confidence in the precious metals market by providing a foolproof authentication method. This is particularly beneficial for newcomers or those previously deterred by the threat of counterfeits.

MintID’s silver products stand out for their innovative security measures, including encapsulation in protective assay cards and the integration of encrypted NFC technology, facilitating seamless authentication and added reassurance for future transactions.

  • MintID 5 oz Silver Bar: Boasts five troy ounces of .999 fine silver (99.9% pure), secured in robust packaging, aligning with IRA standards. They also offer silver bars in the sizes of 10 oz and 100 oz.

  • Buffalo Silver Round: The buffalo silver round has an image of an American buffalo (or bison) and a scannable NFC for authentication and verification.

  • Silver Rounds and Silver Bars: MintID ensures each piece is encapsulated securely, embodying the blend of artistry and security.

MintID produces several silver products in various sizes including silver bars and silver rounds. They also package U.S. Mint and various countries’ coins in assay cards to provide extra MintID security for buying, trading, and selling precious metal items.

Discover the refined and historic selection within our MintID Silver series.

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