Buy Copper Rounds Online at Near Melt Value


What are Copper Rounds?

Copper rounds are perhaps the single most popular way to invest in copper bullion. They come in a variety of interesting designs and the cost is affordable. There really is no better way to buy a .999 pure copper product with an attractive design and marked as to the metal content.

Copper has a very long history. Humans began using the versatile metal thousands of years ago. Today copper is among the most useful of industrial metals with applications ranging from construction to consumer electronics. 

You can invest with confidence - copper is always in demand.

The trouble was, that until recently, copper was mostly available in industrial form - bars, plates, and wire. These products lacked a standard size or form. They were difficult for people to properly identify, value, and transact with. Copper bullion rounds are designed for investors who want copper in tradable or barterable form. 

Copper rounds come in many sizes and designs. They have the appearance of a coin because they are manufactured using the same process. However, they do not carry legal tender status or currency value.  They are produced by private mints.

The value is based on their copper content as well as the cost of fabrication.

Copper Round Sizes

The most popular size for copper rounds by far is 1 oz.  It is worth noting that when it comes to copper, avoirdupois (or standard) weight is used. Rounds come in 1 AVDP ounce, as opposed to troy ounces like gold or silver products. Instead of the 31.1 grams in a troy ounce, an avoirdupois ounce contains 28 grams. 

As stated, most copper bullion rounds are one avoirdupois ounce of .999 copper. As the popularity of copper bullion grows, we expect a larger range of sizes to be available.

Physical copper will demand more space to store than precious metal bullion such as gold or a roll of silver rounds. However, the space requirement is far less than for other base metals. Five hundred-ounce boxes of copper weigh roughly 35 lbs each and are approximately the size of a shoe box.


Copper Round Designs

Copper rounds have some of the most interesting designs available in copper bullion. Some feature images similar to those found on popular coin designs featured on their faces are often more detailed than those found on smaller faces.

Some of the most popular designs include the American bison and Liberty Head. Copper rounds can also show images of US presidents and historical figures, landmarks, and significant political events.

Above all, the images featured on copper rounds make them exceptionally popular with collectors. Rounds are sometimes more symbolic than they are lucrative because they have no face value and aren't circulated as currency. However, they may have a historical or personal significance to a collector, and they are memorable items to give as a gift or pass on to future generations.

The designs on copper rounds are far more detailed than those on other copper bullion, like bars. Copper rounds are minted as much for visual aesthetics as they are for their intrinsic copper value.

Copper Rounds vs. Copper Bars

When it comes to deciding whether to invest in copper rounds or copper bars, you have a few crucial factors to consider. Rounds and bars are close in value, but the methods of investment and the demand for one over the other affects their worth to you as an investor.

Copper bars are one of the simplest forms of copper investment. You can purchase them at a lower cost than rounds or coins, and their value is seldom based on their design. Often, copper bars only show a mintmark and their weight.

On the other hand, copper rounds have much more detailed designs. While some copper bars go beyond the basics, that is much less common. As a result, rounds have value based on their designs, even without circulating as currency, and this type of value is something you won't find with copper bars.

Copper rounds are also more expensive to mint than copper bars. This extra expense means you may not get as much immediate return on your investment as you would with bars, which you can resell right away. If you're trying to decide whether to invest in bars or rounds, consider which aspect of these types of bullion is most relevant to you. That preference will determine which will bring you the highest return on your investment.

Why Buy Copper Rounds?

Despite the minting expense and the subsequent higher price of copper rounds, they do have a higher value than other types of copper bullion. For example, while rounds have a higher premium over the spot copper price, that also indicates that their value will go up if you choose to sell them later.

Copper rounds are becoming more popular, which means their worth will only increase over time. Their unique designs also contribute to their value to collectors, who search for specific images along with their desire to invest in copper bullion.

Due to copper's use in so many industries, its value is unlikely to go down in the foreseeable future, unlike other precious and base metals. Its recent decrease in supply also raises its value, which will lead to a financial advantage for investors in the future.

Copper rounds are an ideal way for investors to broaden and diversify their assets. Currently, copper is a cheap way to invest in metals when compared to gold or silver, but as its value rises, the premiums may go down. With lower premiums, buyers get more return on their investments.

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