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Silver Half Dollars Pre-1965 Junk Silver Coins

Silver Half Dollars Pre-1965 Junk Silver Coins
  • Silver Half Dollars Pre-1965 Junk Silver Coins thumbnail
  • Silver Half Dollars Pre-1965 Junk Silver Coins thumbnail

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Silver Price: $16.97 -0.08

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Total Price Each
$ 10 Face $2.10 $136.40
$ 50 Face $1.75 $669.00
$ 500 Face $1.40 $6,565.00
$ 1000 Face $1.09 $12,910.00
$ 3000 Face +
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Total Price: 12.91
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Buy Junk Silver Coin Bags of Silver Half Dollars

One of the most popular ways to invest in silver bullion is buying U.S. pre-1965 silver coins. Commonly referred to as "junk silver coins," this name developed in the 1970s and is used to describe average circulated U.S. silver coins, meaning no rare coins are included. This collection is a part of our silver fractional coins collection.


All silver coins struck in 1964 or earlier were minted with 90% silver and 10% copper. Please note: the copper content of these coins is excluded from any calculation of pricing, only the silver content is valued! So what makes these silver coins a good investment? Each dollar of face value contains .715 ounces of actual silver content, so a full junk silver coin bags ($1,000.00 face value) contains 715 ounces of silver. There is no additional premium added to pricing of these coins based on condition or collectible value – each order will include a variety of minting dates and coin conditions. Money Metals Exchange offers this form of pre-1965 silver starting in bags of $10.00 face value. Silver coin bags of dimes, quarters, or half dollars are available. 

Investment Advantages

Pre-1965 silver coins do offer several advantages. First, they provide small increments of barter. Secondly, like bullion rounds, this form of silver carries a low premium over the spot market price of silver. (In other words, the market value of "junk silver" is very close to the actual melt value of the coins.) Thirdly, they are legal U.S. tender (albeit only for the face value). Finally, junk silver bags are recognized around the world as a trading medium and are therefore very liquid. You can buy silver U.S. coins online or by calling Money Metals Exchange at 1-800-800-1865.

Silver Content per Silver Coin Size:
Pre-1965 Silver Dimes contain 0.0715 troy ounces of silver
Pre-1965 Silver Quarters contain 0.17875 troy ounces of silver
Pre-1965 Silver Half-Dollars contain 0.3575 troy ounces of silver

Product Specifications

Mint Facility: U.S. Mint
Denomination: Half-Dollar
Quality / Type: Circulated
Purity: 90% silver, 10% copper (.715 troy oz. silver content per dollar of face value)
Silver Weight per Coin: Half-Dollar - .358 troy ounces

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Our current buy pricing is $12.21 per $1 face value and we will buy up to 3,575 ounces at this price. Simply call us on any weekday to lock pricing at 1-800-800-1865.

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Customer Reviews

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Good Quality Junk Halves

By Juan J. on March 26th, 2017

Once again, pleased with the quality of your products as well as the low premiums over spot. There were very few halves that were "dirty" or smudged, but most if not all were in good shape, high relief, very little wear. Thanks!

Junk silver? Not hardly!

By Sharon J. on March 17th, 2017

I love the old look of the silver half dollars. They are going into my collection for sure!

Excellent buy!!!!!

By on December 12th, 2016

Ordered 30 Nov 2016 (to take advantage of free shipping). Arrived following Monday in perfect shape. Enjoyed reviewing the coins and even found a 1907 Liberty Half. I have ordered before from Money Metals Exchange and certainly will again. For me, this is the way to buy silver, US "junk" coins.

Definitely not junk

By Ralph S. on October 17th, 2016

Received coins quickly and very few show wear. Quite a few mint marks on all Franklin halves.

Much better than junk

By Samuel H. on September 5th, 2016

They arrived quickly and I enjoyed sorting through them. 69 Benjamins and one Walking Liberty. I will be buying more.