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Silver Bars for Sale at Low Premiums

Buy Silver Bars in 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz , Kilo (32.151 Oz) and 100 oz Sizes!

buy silver bars

Silver bars offer the lowest possible premiums making them the best bet for investors simply looking for the most silver for their money. Bars cost less for mints and refiners to produce than smaller fabricated rounds and coins. That means savings for investors who want to stack them.

Bars also shine when it comes to storage. Because they can easily be stacked on top of one another, the space requirement is reduced. If room in your safe is limited, bars may be the way to go.

Silver bars range in size from 1-oz all the way up to 1,000-oz. The 10-oz and 100-oz bars are perhaps the best options as those sizes provide the best overall values.

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Silver Bars Are the Best Bargain Among Silver Options

Ten ounce bars are available from a handful of manufacturers. The bars come individually sealed in plastic, generally in sheets of five or ten which can be separated as needed. We generally do not recommend paying a higher premium for a bar produced by any specific “brand name” producer. We also do not recommend paying extra for bars with a serial #. It just isn’t going to matter much to dealers when it is time to re-sell so the extra premium may be wasted. As long as the bar is in good marketable condition, carries a stamp with its weight and purity, and is made by a recognized producer, little else matters.

Those purchasing 100 oz bars will generally save 10 to 20 cents per ounce (or more) versus 1 oz silver rounds and bars. When it comes to the 100 oz size, the "mint mark" carries a little more importance. Many dealers, including Money Metals Exchange, will slightly discount bars that are not produced by IRA-approved manufacturers since many 100 oz bars are sold to self-directed IRA account holders. An IRA-approved bar is one that is either made by one of the “big three” – Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, or Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) – or an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer such as Republic Metals or Ohio Precious Metals (OPM)/NTR.

Most investors should steer clear of buying 1000 ounce exchange sized bars. For one, these bars are incredibly cumbersome to handle. They are expensive and difficult to ship. And selling 1,000-oz bars requires dealers automatically to issue a 1099B on the seller (unless the seller exchanges it into another form of silver instead of taking cash).

Perhaps most importantly, sellers of these 70+ pound bars will typically find dealers significantly discounting the buy-back price. Many small dealers avoid them altogether as they will not be able to readily re-sell bars that size. And larger dealers with quality control programs will buy these large bars but send any that come from outside the COMEX chain of custody to be melted and assayed. The purchase price will be discounted accordingly. Many of the exchange sized bars we buy come from investors who are unhappy with holding them and looking to swap them for smaller, more convenient and more liquid forms of silver.

Buy your silver bars with confidence from Money Metals Exchange. We specialize in the most cost-effective, most liquid bars produced by some of the largest and well regarded mints and refiners in the US. You can lock pricing and purchase online anytime. Or give us a call at 1-800-800-1865. We will be happy to answer your questions or take your order by phone.

Silver Bar Sizes

Money Metals Exchange features silver bars from the most prominent mints and refiners in the North America. We recommend investors buying bars choose from among the sizes below and avoid "off-weight" sizes. They are likely to be discounted or harder to sell later on.

1 Ounce Silver Bars

Johnson Matthey is the brand we carry. Percival Norton Johnson launched his London gold assay business in 1817. After roughly 200 years, his firm is ensconced as one of the most familiar names in precious metals. "JM" bars have a reputation for quality and trust.

5 Ounce Silver Bars

The storied Sunshine Mint in Idaho’s Silver Valley produces the 5 ounce bars in our lineup. The bars are beautifully crafted and designed to fill a gap in bar roster; lower premium than the 1 ounce bars while still being smaller than the 10 ounce alternative.

10 Ounce Silver Bars

The premium savings that bars offer compared to silver rounds begin with the 10 ounce size. Investors can expect to save $.05 - $.10 per ounce versus rounds, and significantly more versus government issue bullion coins such as the American Eagle or Maple Leaf. Money Metals Exchange carries bars from the most prominent and best regarded refiners in the US including Republic Metals, Ohio Precious Metals, NTR and Sunshine Mint.

Kilo (32.151 Oz) Silver Bars

Money Metals Exchange just added kilo-sized bars to our lineup as a "middle ground" option between 10 Oz and 100 Oz sizes. These bars typeically offer some savings versus smaller bars while remaining small enough to easily handle and stack. Republic Metals is the current provider of our bars in this handy size.

100 Ounce Silver Bars

100 Ounce Silver Bars offer the absolute lowest silver premiums in our product lineup. They are the best way to buy silver as close as possible to the spot market price, while preserving portability and ease of resale or liquidity. We offer fine silver bars from Johnson Matthey, the Royal Canadian Mint, Republic Metals, and Ohio Precious Metals. Every bar is marked with the manufacturer along with its weight and purity and always fully guaranteed.

What To Look For When Buying Silver Bars:

  • Bars fully marked with a recognized manufacturer, weight, and purity will always be easiest to resell and will bring the best price.
  • Avoid off-weight bars. Many older silver bars were poured, weighed and then marked with whatever the scale read. Dealers can’t buy them and easily resell them, so they will generally be sent for melt stock and discounted accordingly.
  • Serial numbers on bars won’t add much value when you are ready to sell, so we don’t recommend paying extra premium to get serialized bars.
  • Modern bars up to 10 ounce in size are sealed in plastic by the manufacturer. It is best not to remove the plastic as it will prevent tarnish and improve marketability later on.
  • Larger bars should offer you savings. Absent savings, we always recommend buying a smaller sized product. The option to trade in small units is always nice to have.