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Copper Bullion Rounds & Pennies at the Lowest Price of Copper

Should You Buy Copper Bullion?

Copper bullion is in increasing demand by precious metals investors preparing for a precipitous decline in the dollar.

The metal is already indispensable to industry – with applications in a dizzying range of manufactured goods. And it has often been used a money throughout history. These characteristics make copper ideal for barter and trade.

Copper bullion comes in denominations as small as 1 oz and is always clearly stamped with its weight and purity – features you won't find with scrap copper or industrial bars.

When you buy copper from Money Metals Exchange, you can expect:

  • We'll make it super quick and easy when you are ready to buy OR sell.
  • The convenience of ordering online or by phone. In as little as two or three minutes, you can complete a purchase; we'll lock in a price upfront, and send you a fully insured shipment once your payment clears.