Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money During the Coming Gold & Silver Shock-Wave

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Invest like a pro...

Get your copy of Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money During the Coming Gold & Silver Shock-Wave by David H Smith and  David Morgan 


In their latest book, David Morgan and David H. Smith bring you their priceless insights into building and preserving wealth through precious metals –

    • Building your wealth is the patriotic thing to do, “the end result for honest people who accumulate significant wealth through ethical means is that their efforts benefit both themselves and the nation.”  Page xi


  • The ‘rogue wave’ that will reshape the financial landscape; seize your opportunity “to watch that wave build, get on it, and ride its transformative powers ... to a potentially life-altering financial bonanza.” Page xii


    • Where the authors are putting their money now – “We’re going to be walking our talk – committing our own money – riding that wave for all it’s worth. Would you care to join us?” Page xiii


  • The often forgotten lesson from 2,800 years of precious metals coinage – gold and silver have lasting value, while “various transitory governments contrive and conspire to ignore it.” Page xv


  • You are not alone – “a good proportion of the world is fed up with monetary experiments and have already gone to precious metals as a safe haven and safeguard against the profligacy of world governments.” Page xv

“One crucial factor that investors in the silver market need to know.” Revealed on page 1.

    • Shocking! How half of all silver ever mined ended up in landfills, and how this illustrates a key difference between silver and gold. Page 2


  • Everyone knows that silver is in a supply deficit, right? Many experts say that silver is in surplus. The authors explain how both theories can appear to be true at the same time, and why “silver indeed is in a very tight supply situation,” regardless of the deficit/surplus debate. Page 3


    • The one economic truth that “gives silver a unique advantage over all other precious metals.” Page 3


  • “What we witnessed in the last bull market is that silver moved from $6 to $50 in only five months.” Second Chance helps position you for the next big move. Page 4


  • “Through all of recorded history, every fiat currency in the world has sooner or later failed. Therefore, some margin of safety is required for those investors who truly understand the present-day world.” How much of a margin? See page 5.

“The silver market will explode upward in price” when the unavoidable scenario on page 5 unfolds.

    • How to ride “what may prove to be one of the greatest upside moves in precious metals history” – without making the one common mistake of amateur investors. Page 5


  • Why the coming dollar collapse will eclipse all prior fiat currency failures – “because this is the first time in recorded history when the demise of a one-world currency takes place. It will affect the entire world.” Page 6


    • “The primary method of remaining financially insulated to the greatest degree … perhaps only one half of one percent of the population has achieved this all-important status.” Make sure you are among them – see page 6.


  • How the mainstream news outlets – financial or otherwise – are failing us. “When they do bring up the topic of gold (silver is rarely discussed), it is usually framed around some negative connotation.” Page 7


    • After the dollar collapse – “lower living standards compared to the current metric could last a generation or more.” Page 8


  • “Ways to legally limit your liability, if or when you decide to sell some or all of your precious metals holdings. Page 9


One huge advantage of silver coins and rounds over “efficient” 100 oz. bars. Page 9


  • When the economic forces inevitably do as the authors describe, precious metals' “prices will be bid to extremely high levels.” Page 14


    • “Mining shares have the distinct potential of going into a once-in-a-lifetime bull market so extraordinary that one like it has not been seen since the 1930s.” Page 14 reveals the one fact that will drive this move.


  • “Now is the time to ‘back up the truck’ in terms of your education on these topics, to acquire the best understanding possible of [precious metals markets.] Second Chance can add critical information to help in your decision-making process.” Page 16


    • “The same financial wave that will be so destructive to most asset classes also contains within it a parallel wave. This ground swell, based upon simple supply-demand metrics, will drive precious metals and mining stocks to levels many times higher.” Page 17


  • Cultural forces in China and India that most Westerners are clueless about. “Demand from these sources will push precious metals higher over the coming years, regardless of the level of stress in the financial system.” Page 18


    • “A lady bought gold, saw prices triple, yet lost two-thirds of her money.” Turn to page 20 and avoid this painful yet tragically common blunder.


  • Simple strategy to minimize your risks in dealing with any precious metals dealer. Page 23


“The case for owning formerly-circulating gold coins.” Plus one essential caveat. Page 26


  • Zero interest rate (ZIRP) and negative interest rate (NIRP) policies – explained at last. Page 32


    • “Where the investor who wishes to take his/her involvement in the [precious metals] sector ‘to the next level’ ... will likely find themselves.” Page 33


  • “One of the primary reasons so many investors don’t come close to their financial goals.” Page 34 reveals the reason, and the rest of Second Chance helps you avoid it so you meet your goals.


    • The one quality of silver – unique among all commodities – that creates “the possibility of a demand surge capable of creating a physical shortage.” Page 40


  • “Fear, greed, stupidity, and occasionally, indifference” can heavily influence precious metals markets. These are not reasons to avoid precious metals, just great reasons to read Second Chance as you continue to invest.  Page 42


  • How to read and use Daily Open-High-Low-Close bar charts. Page 43

How the authors called the intermediate highpoint of silver in May 2011 – within 1-2 days. Page 47

    • Four keys to sound Money Management 101 – institute these practices and follow them to new heights of wealth. Page 49


  • Sell half your position on a double, then enjoy a free ride! How savvy precious metals investors pull off this wealth-building tactic, page 50.


    • “The bear market we’ve just experienced ran from 2011 (May for silver, Sept for gold), until late 2015-early 2016.” Position yourself now for the next bull market – the sixth of the past half-century. Page 53


  • “It’s generally agreed upon that these markets will experience three major up legs. Furthermore ... the third and last leg offers the potential for as much as 80-90% of the bull’s profit potential, which becomes available during the last 10% in time of the entire progression!” Page 56


    • The two-month period in any calendar year when the year’s highest metals prices are likely to occur. Page 56


  • Key reason stop-loss points should generally be triggered at the close of the day, not intraday. Page 57


  • “Over time, this habit [described on page 59] helps dampen the tendency to overtrade.”

Three essential trading behavior traits of successful precious metals investors. Page 61

    • “A Ten-Times-Your-Money Precious Metals Battle Plan.” Page 64


  • How to pick mining stocks with the highest potential and minimal risk. “The better quality mining stocks now appear capable of reasserting their vaunted outperformance as a sector for the rest of the evolving bull run.” Page 66



Did you miss the gold and silver spikes to $1,900 and $50 in 2011? Did you get in near the top and ride down into the 2015 lows? Or perhaps you didn’t buy at all, and by late 2016, while the most explosive precious metals and mining stock run-up in decades was taking place, you watched. You may think you’ve missed the boat. But you would be wrong.

David Morgan’s research shows decisively that as much as “90% of the profit potential becomes available during the last 10% of the entire bull run" - if you avoid what he calls “the amateur’s mindset.”

Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave empowers you to step onto the investment battlefield and leave it a winner. Many fortunes will be made during the coming years. On paper. But, when all is said and done, as the great speculator Jesse Livermore declared, “On paper, it will remain.” Let us help you keep most of your earnings and claim your place at the Winners' Table.

Product Specifications
Page Count: 260
Binding: Soft Cover
Publish Date: Oct. 25, 2016
Dimensions: 6" x 9"

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