BUFFALO WARRIOR Hexagon-Shaped 10 Oz Silver Bar

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Now Available - Buffalo Warrior Pure Silver 10 Oz Hexagon Bars

Money Metals Exchange is pleased to offer the new 10-oz Buffalo Warrior .999 fine silver bar, 99.9% pure silver, minted by Bullion Works, right here in the USA. These are exceptional silver bars with stunning designs and a striking hexagon form.

These 10-oz bars are the second product in the Buffalo Warrior series produced by Bullion Works Inc. The hexagon-shaped bars are the first mass-production bars widely available. Each bar carries the same imagery as its 1-oz silver round predecessor which was introduced last year.

The hexagon shape was chosen as it is one of the preferred shapes of the modern Native American “Hogan” dwellings popular in the early 1900s, after the infamous Trail of Tears. It is not that the Lakota were famous for the use of a hogan, but rather that the hogan dwellings became synonymous with Native American culture over time. 

The Native American hogan, primarily associated with the Navajo people of the Southwestern United States, is a distinctive and culturally significant type of dwelling. Traditionally, hogans are constructed using natural materials like wooden poles, tree bark, and mud, resulting in a structure that is often circular or hexagonal, frequently with a dome-shaped appearance. This design not only ensures effective insulation but also allows the hogan to integrate harmoniously with the natural environment - much like a Bison or Buffalo. Beyond its functional role as shelter, the hogan holds profound spiritual significance for the Navajo. It is customarily built with its entrance facing east to greet the rising sun, symbolizing a deep connection with nature and the spiritual realm. The hogan serves as a central venue for various Navajo ceremonies and rituals, reflecting its pivotal role in their cultural and traditional practices.

Over time, while traditional hogans continue to be revered and used for ceremonial purposes, more modern variants have emerged. These contemporary versions might utilize different materials, such as concrete, and could include modern conveniences, yet they often maintain the traditional shape and orientation. The hogan stands as a symbol of the Navajo people's resilience and adaptability, representing their skill in utilizing available resources and maintaining a respectful relationship with the land. Notably, there are different types of hogans, such as the conical male hogan and the larger, lodge-like female hogan, each serving distinct purposes and embodying aspects of Navajo cosmology and social structure. In essence, the hogan is much more than a physical structure; it is a profound symbol of Navajo culture, encapsulating their spiritual beliefs, connection to the environment, and historical resilience. The evolution and enduring presence of the hogan highlight the adaptability and endurance of the Navajo people and their rich traditions.

Lakota Warrior

Sculpted by famed artist Luigi Badia, this modernized interpretation of the classic 1oz Buffalo silver round depicts a stern Lakota warrior adorned proudly by his feather headdress, protective choker, and other jewelry type adornments. To the Lakota, only the fiercest warriors earned the right to wear a full-feathered headdress. It is a reflection of brave deeds achieved in battle. The warrior looks to the right side of this hexagonal bar.

There is a brick-like border along the sides, while the Native American's head covers most of that border to provide a more three-dimensional appearance. 


The bar's reverse depicts the grazing American Bison or what the Lakota called “Tatonka.” This side also includes the brick-designed border, but the bison is looking to the left while equally breaking the mold to make a more realistic 3D appearance. 

The American Bison was extremely important to the Lakota culture, as the Lakota were traditionally nomadic and would have spent most of their lives following the bison. Bison are commonly referred to as "buffalo," although a bison and a buffalo are not technically the same animal.  

The Lakota and the American Bison, when used together in a design, were predominantly located in the North Dakota and South Dakota regions of North America. Sitting Bull was the name of one of the more famous Lakota tribe leaders (1837-1890). However, the Lakota moved from region to region across North America for various reasons including in-group and out-group dynamics beyond that of simply Western influence. 

The 10oz hexagon Buffalo Warrior's obverse and reverse border ties in the Lakota symbol of the sun and earth. This symbol represents the relationship of the Lakota with the universe. The lower triangle pointing up symbolizes the earth while the top triangle pointing down symbolizes the stars and sun.

The bar's BW privy mark located to the right of the bison’s front leg dually represents the Buffalo Warrior as a series and Bullion Works Inc., the bars' manufacturer. Along the bottom left border are the words "TEN OUNCES .999 AG." Which, translates as 10 Troy ounces of 99.9% pure silver. AG stands for the Latin word Argentum, which means Silver in English.

Why Invest in Buffalo Warrior Silver Bars?

Buffalo Warrior rounds are a great addition to any investor's portfolio. They are stylish and carry a meaningful design. 

Investing in a 10-ounce silver bar such as the Buffalo Warrior hexagon silver bar, presents a compelling opportunity for both new and seasoned investors. One of the key appeals of a silver bar is its tangibility. Unlike digital assets or stocks, a physical commodity like silver offers a sense of security, as it's unaffected by electronic failures or digital hacking risks. Silver's affordability compared to gold makes it an accessible entry point for those with limited budgets, allowing for diversified investment without a large upfront cost. Moreover, silver often serves as a hedge against inflation and economic downturns. In times of currency devaluation or stock market volatility, precious metals like silver tend to retain or even increase their value, providing a safe haven for investors.

The industrial demand for silver, used in electronics, solar panels, and medical instruments, underpins its consistent value and potential for appreciation over time. The silver market can be volatile, yet this also opens up opportunities for significant value appreciation. For those willing to navigate these fluctuations, a 10-ounce silver bar can offer promising returns. Additionally, silver's liquidity is a major advantage - meaning it is relatively easy to resale later. As a globally recognized and traded commodity, silver bars can be easily liquidated almost anywhere in the world, offering flexibility and ease when converting to cash.

Finally, a 10-ounce silver bar can play a crucial role in portfolio diversification. Spreading out potential risks across different types of investments is a key strategy in risk management. Having a 10-ounce Buffalo Warrior hexagon silver bar will build a personal store of value and can help hedge against inflation while maintaining purchasing power over time.In conclusion, a 10-ounce Buffalo Warrior hexagon silver bar is not just an investment in a precious metal; it's a blend of affordability, potential for appreciation, beauty, and security. It represents a prudent choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios or invest in a tangible asset. However, like any investment, it's important to consider personal financial goals and current market conditions before making a purchase.

How Buffalo Warrior 10-Oz Silver Bars are Made

Modern silver 10 oz bars tend to be "minted" rather than hand-poured silver. The process of inserting blanks into a minting press generates bars with a more polished finish and clean lines. Minting leads to a more machined look, which many customers prefer. Poured or cast bars tend to be older. The 10-ounce Buffalo Warrior Hexagon Silver Bar is like a cross between a silver bar and a silver round.

How much is a 10-oz Buffalo Warrior Silver Bar?

Buffalo Warrior Bars are a premium bar with a unique shape and design. They are designed for investors who want something different and distinctive to add to their holdings. These bars may command some additional premium versus more common silver bars later when they are resold. However, that is not guaranteed. Buyers looking for the lowest possible premium will want to choose regular 10-oz bars.

Like other .999 silver bullion products, silver ten-ounce hexagon bars are perfect for holding inside a precious metals-backed IRA account. In most cases, investors are not concerned about using the metals held in IRA storage for barter and trade. The priority is on maximizing investment returns, so the name of the game is in getting the most silver ounces for the money. Check out the price of silver today!

Buffalo Warrior 10 Ounce Bar Key Points:

These bars are hexagonal in shape - different than almost any other bars on the market. The edges are not reeded, instead they are smooth. 

You can take advantage of even lower prices by buying in quantity; price breaks at 5, 50, and 250

Other Silver Bars Available:

  • 1 Troy Ounce (approximately 2" long x 1" wide x .125" thick)
  • 5 Troy weight oz (approximately 2.5" long x 1.5" wide x .25" thick)
  • Kilo (32.151 Troy Ounces, approximately 4.5" long x 2.25" wide x .5" thick)
  • 100 Troy Ounce (approximately 6" long x 3.25" wide x 1" thick)
  • 1000 Troy Ounce (approximately 13" long x 4.75" wide x 3.5" thick)

Selling to Money Metals

If you decide that now is the right time to cash in on your silver, Money Metals Exchange would be happy to buy your metal, regardless of where you originally purchased it. We offer some of the most competitive prices around and we make payment immediately after the metal is received. To find out the amount you can receive, simply click on the blue box that says "Click Here to Sell to Us" or call our friendly customer care representatives at our phone number: 1-800-800-1865

When considering the sale of a Buffalo Warrior hexagon silver bar, it's essential to be informed about the current silver spot price and the typical premium that this coin commands. To ensure a seamless and efficient selling experience, with timely payment, it's advisable to conduct transactions only with reputable dealers. It's important to note that certain dealers might impose specific requirements for transactions, such as a minimum sale value, often around $1000. A reliable dealer, such as Money Metals Exchange, can be a good choice, especially as they do not enforce a minimum selling price.

In summary, the Buffalo Warrior hexagon silver bar is an exquisite fusion of investment in precious metals and collector appeal. Its exceptional design, careful crafting, and historical relevance render it a coveted item for both investment and collecting purposes. Whether your interest lies in accumulating silver for financial stability or in the appreciation of Native American designs and collectibles, this 99.9% pure silver bar presents a distinctive chance to acquire a segment of American heritage.

Since our establishment in 2010, Money Metals Exchange has upheld a stellar reputation, evidenced by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This accomplishment is further complemented by the thousands of five-star reviews we have garnered from contented customers across the United States. Demonstrating our excellence in the field, Money Metals Exchange has repeatedly earned the honor of being named the Best Overall Precious Metals Dealer by Investopedia, a testament to our consistent performance and customer satisfaction over the years.

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Product Specifications
Mint Facility: Bullion Works Inc
Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: 99.9% silver
Metal Weight: 10 troy ounces (311.03 grams)
Dimensions: 73 mm from side to side
Shape: Hexagon
Obverse: Lakota Warrior
Reverse: Buffalo
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