1/10th Oz Scratch & Dent Gold, .999+ Pure

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1/10 Oz Scratch & Dent Gold .999+ Pure

Looking to invest in gold without breaking the bank? Our 1/10 Oz Scratch & Dent Gold offers a convenient and affordable way to add pure gold to your portfolio.

Despite minor imperfections, such as scratches or dents, these coins or bars are still .999+ pure (99.9%+), ensuring you're acquiring high-quality gold bullion items with each purchase.

Items in this category are limited based on the quantities that we have on hand.

Scratch & Dent gold items may include gold bars, gold ingots, gold coins, and gold rounds. They will each have a gold weight of 1/10th oz (one-tenth of a troy ounce) and have at least .999 fine gold (99.9% pure).

Gold Product Highlights:

  • High Purity: Each 1/10 Oz Scratch & Dent Gold item is made from gold that is .999+ pure, meaning it contains at least 99.9% gold content. This high level of purity ensures that you're investing in genuine gold with real value.

  • Affordable: By opting for scratch and dent gold, you can acquire smaller increments of gold at a lower cost compared to pristine gold items. This makes it accessible to a wider range of investors who may be working with smaller budgets or looking to diversify their investments.

  • Convenient Size: The 1/10 Oz denomination offers a convenient size for both investment and collection purposes. It's small enough to be easily stored and traded, yet still holds significant value due to its gold content.

  • Liquid Asset: Gold has a long history as a store of value and a medium of exchange. Investing in 1/10 Oz Scratch & Dent Gold provides you with a liquid asset that can be easily bought, sold, or traded in various markets worldwide.

  • Diverse Options: Depending on availability, our scratch and dent gold products may include coins or bars from renowned mints and refineries, offering you a diverse selection to choose from. Each item comes with its own unique characteristics and designs, adding interest to your collection.

What is Scratch & Dent Gold?

Scratch and dent gold refers to gold items that have minor imperfections or damage, such as scratches, dents, or other blemishes. These imperfections can occur during the manufacturing process, handling, or storage of the gold items.

Scratch and dent gold is often sold at a discounted price compared to pristine gold items because of these flaws. However, the gold content itself remains unchanged, so it still retains its melt value based on its purity and weight.

Many investors and collectors are willing to purchase scratch and dent gold as a more affordable way to acquire physical gold bullion or coins.

Invest with confidence in our 1/10 Oz Scratch & Dent Gold, where you'll find value, purity, and affordability in every purchase.

Enjoy the enduring quality of our 1/10 Oz Scratch & Dent Gold .999+ Pure, each piece embodying the reliability and purity you seek.

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  • Robert
    June 23rd, 2019
    great value
    I love all of the bargain bin products both silver and gold. I do buy more silver than gold but after I get my goal of 200 oz of silver each year then I start buying all the gold I can. with my last order I got three 1/10 oz gold coins and a 1 gram bar along with 60 oz of silver. I am always pleased with my orders when I get them.
  • Samuel R.
    May 1st, 2019
    nice variety
    Still very good appearance and great variety. Three eagles, two maple leafs, three different Australian and two Philharmonic. Christmas with every order.
  • Gregory A.
    March 14th, 2019
    1/10 oz coin
    I recently ordered the 1/10th oz coin from MMX and honestly had to use a magnifying glass to see the minor scratches in the coin. I understand that with such issues the coin isn’t worth top asking price, but for my interest in the coin and that being it’s actual gold content , it’s perfect.