2000 Proof Gold American Eagle - 1 Troy Oz

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2000 Proof American Gold Eagle

The 2000 Proof American Gold Eagle stands as a prominent and highly sought-after piece among collectors and investors alike. This coin is part of the American Gold Eagle series, which was introduced by the United States Mint in 1986.

The U.S. Mint series is highly regarded for its beauty, quality, and the U.S. government's backing for weight and gold content. Proof coins, like the 2000 edition, are struck multiple times with specially prepared dies to provide a stunning mirror-like finish, highlighting the intricate details of its design.

Coin Highlights:

  • Design and Imagery: The 2000 Proof American Gold Eagle features the iconic design of Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint-Gaudens on the obverse (front) side, which originally appeared on the $20 gold piece from 1907 to 1933. This full-length figure of Liberty holds a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left, with the Capitol building in the backdrop. The coin's reverse, designed by sculptor Miley Busiek, depicts a male eagle carrying an olive branch, flying towards his nest where a female eagle and her hatchlings await.

  • Purity and Composition: This US Mint proof coin is struck from 22-karat gold, which is a traditional composition for U.S. gold coins. This equates to a gold content of 91.67% (22 karats), with the remainder being a copper-silver alloy that adds durability to the coins. The 2000 Proof American Gold Eagle comes in various sizes, but the one-ounce version is particularly popular among collectors.

  • Sizes and Denominations: The 2000 Proof American Gold Eagles were minted in four different sizes: 1 oz ($50 face value), 1/2 oz ($25 face value), 1/4 oz ($10 face value), and 1/10 oz ($5 face value). This range offers options for collectors and investors with different budgets and preferences.

  • Mintage and Packaging: The mintage numbers for the 2000 Proof American Gold Eagles vary by size, typically lower than their bullion counterparts, making them more desirable for collectors. However, the 1 Oz 2000 Proof American Gold Eagle had 33,007 coins minted. Proof coins are also distinguished by their presentation, as they come encapsulated in protective plastic cases and are presented in a luxurious velvet box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (COA).

  • Collectibility and Investment Value: The proof version of the American Gold Eagle is particularly valued for its aesthetic appeal and collectibility. The 2000 Proof American Gold Eagle, like other years, is sought after by both collectors and investors. Its value is influenced not only by the spot price of gold but also by the coin's collectibility, which can add a significant premium above the metal content.

  • Legal Tender Status: While primarily collected for their gold content and numismatic value, these coins are also legal tender in the United States, with their face values reflecting their denominational standing rather than their intrinsic gold value.

The 2000 Proof American Gold Eagle encapsulates the rich tradition of American numismatics and remains a cherished item for those looking to own a piece of American history and heritage. Its blend of artistic beauty, precious metal content, and legal tender status makes it a standout piece in any collection.

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Product Specifications
Mint Facility: US Mint
Denomination: $50.00 USD
Date: 2000
Quality / Type: Proof
Purity: 91.67% gold (22 karat), 3% silver, 5.33% copper
Metal Weight: 1 oz. - 1 troy ounce (1.0909 gross)
Diameter: 1.287 inches (32.70 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: Standing Liberty
Reverse: Nesting Eagles
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