Netherlands Gold 10 Guilders, .1947 Ounce Gold Content Coin

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Buy The Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder coins

The Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder coins are a captivating blend of historical significance, numismatic value, and investment appeal, making them a prized possession for collectors and investors alike.

Struck by the Royal Dutch Mint, these gold coins are a testament to the Netherlands' rich history and its role as a global economic powerhouse.

Their production spanned from the early 19th to the 20th century, featuring the portraits of the Dutch monarchy, which provides a fascinating insight into the country's regal heritage and the artistry of coin minting.

Coin Highlights

  • Mint: Royal Dutch Mint, a symbol of Dutch craftsmanship and minting heritage.

  • Year of Issue: Randomized between 1875 and 1933, offering a wide array of designs and historical contexts.

  • Composition: Each coin is composed of 0.1947 troy ounce of .900 fine gold, striking a balance between purity and durability.

  • Face Value: 10 Guilders, reflecting its original denomination and its role in the Dutch economy.

  • Diameter: 22mm, making it a compact yet substantial piece.

  • Weight: 6.729g, ensuring a tangible sense of value and history.

  • Alloy: 21.6 carat gold, indicative of its high quality and investment value.

  • Fineness: .900 fine gold (90% pure), a testament to its purity and desirability among gold coin collectors.

  • Actual Gold Weight: 0.1947 Troy oz, a significant amount of gold that appeals to bullion investors.

  • Designers: Pier Pander (P. Pander), whose artistic contributions have immortalized Dutch monarchs and the nation's coat of arms on these gold coins.

  • Mintage: Not specified, adding an element of rarity and collectibility.

  • Finish: Uncirculated, preserving the original luster and detail of the coin's design.



The obverse of the coin has been graced by four successive monarchs of the Netherlands: Willem I, Willem II, Willem III, and notably, Queen Wilhelmina, who is among the longest-reigning monarchs in modern history. The presence of multiple portraits of Queen Wilhelmina reflects changes in her reign and the evolution of numismatic artistry over time.

On the coin designed with Queen Wilhelmina, the words on the coin include “KONINGIN WILHELMINA,” “GOD ZIJ MET ONS.” This translates from Dutch to English as “Queen Wilhelmina - God be with us.” This effigy image design was only used in 1925, 1926, 1927, 1932, and 1933.


The reverse design remains relatively constant, showcasing the Netherlands' coat of arms—a proud lion with a sword and arrows. This emblem symbolizes the Dutch spirit of independence and unity, a fitting motif for a coin that circulated across a global empire. The Netherlands is sometimes referred to as Holland.

The words include “KONINGRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN,” and the mintage year. These Dutch words translate into English as “Kingdom of the Netherlands.”


The 10 Guilder coins encapsulate the essence of the Netherlands' global influence and economic power. Their scarcity, combined with the rich historical narrative they carry, makes them more than just gold coins; they are artifacts of a bygone era, representing the Dutch legacy on the world stage.

For collectors, they offer a window into the Netherlands' past, adorned with the likenesses of its monarchs and the emblem of its national identity. For investors, these gold coins present a unique opportunity to own a piece of history with gold melt value, often available at a modest premium over the gold spot price.

In summary, the Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder coins are not just valuable for their material worth; they are cherished for their historical significance, numismatic beauty, and the legacy of Dutch excellence in minting.

They represent a unique intersection of history, art, and investment, making them a standout choice for anyone looking to enrich their collection or investment portfolio with a piece of European heritage.

Discover the allure and prestige of the Netherlands Gold 10 Guilders, a remarkable treasure within our elite collection!

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Product Specifications
Mint Facility: Various Dutch Mints
Denomination: 10 Guilders
Date: Various
Quality / Type: Bullion, Circulated
Purity: 90%
Metal Weight: .1947 troy ounces
Diameter: 22.5 mm
Thickness: 1.3 mm
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